Sidewalk Chalk Saturday

Saturday was a perfect overcast  day
A perfect day to bring out the chalk and
the creativity!

After a family walk around the block
the girls decided to give our driveway some 
character and charm
and boy did they ever

Our little city included everything from 
grocery stores to sky divers
I was at least glad to see my favorite store
made the cut!

Time to sit back and enjoy 
their work
and take a little time out for some "blading"!

How did you spend your Saturday?
Hope it was filled with color!


  1. My weekend was spent enjoying our colorful yard that is now beginning to come to life. The dogwood are in full bloom...so beautiful. Everyday is a surprise wondering what will pop through the soil next.

  2. Love that Target made the list! Your blog looks great!!! Sorry I haven't visited in awhile, I've got some catching up to do :)