Happy Friday!

Hmmm...this looks like fun...
I have an idea...
can you guess?
why chew on it of course

oh that feels sooooo good

yep...that's the spot
this is a little silly I guess
need it back mommy?
ok...I'm done!
moving on to laundry now...
oh yeah... this is softer

but not as much fun to chew on

but I think I know what I can do with this

how about a hat???

Hope you are smiling your way 
through  Friday so far!

and if you need another reason to smile
head on over 
for a beautiful give-away!


  1. so fun! i'm not sure what it is with kids, underpants, and their heads, but they are quite a trio aren't they. happy friday!

  2. She is as sweet as pie!! and as funny as my puppy! ;) chewing... playing with underpants!

    Thanks for the visit today... nice to meet you! I love Dove chocolate too!