Big Day

Today at breakfast Aubrey used the sign for "more"
all by herself!!!
The girls and I were very excited!
We immediately started cheering and clapping for her!
Big Day Aubrey!
Can't wait to see what sign you make next!!!:)
Did you ever use baby signs with your children?


  1. awww, sweet girl.
    I'm so glad you are enjoying Simplicity Parenting. I need to read it again!!

  2. That sweet face brought a smile to my morning.

    I found your blog through my friend's blog - thegoatandthekid.

    Have a great day!

  3. So cute. We did baby signs (a few) with my kids too, and it was so fun to watch. I'll tell you a funny story: my daughter used the sign "more" for "please". Not sure why, it just stuck and we went with it. Taking christmas photos years ago, we noticed that in every single photo my duaghter (then almost 2) had her hands together. It was so weird, until we realized that she was saying "please". She was hungry and we kept saying CHEESE, which was her favorite. Poor little desperate kid was patiently saying "YES, PLEASE GIVE ME SOME CHEESE ALREADY!". Your blog is cute. I'm all about noticing the little bright spots of life! Sorry for the long comment!

  4. Our son knew about 40 signs by the age of two...which meant he had no need to actually learn to talk! He was a little late with that...but he came around and now he never stops talking! I worked with the hearing impaired and also sign...so that's why we decided to teach or son a few signs. It was wonderful communication at such a young age!