Procrastination Wednesday

Today  is the day for me to finally
checkoff some of those things
 that have been hopping from one weeks 
To Do List to the next.

First heard about this idea of Procrastination Wednesday years ago  here
at the FlyLady's website.
She has loads of great info for getting 
your home in order and

love love love it all!
If only I had the time to do it all!!:)

So...my main jobs today are:
 to get our picture wall updated with new photos 
(I'll post a picture when I'm done...you'ld think that would motivate me right!)
take out the glass from the fireplace and clean it
and pack up some clothes for Goodwill

it's not like these little procrastinated things
are really even that hard to do....hmmmmm?

Do you have anything to do that you have been putting off?
Want to join me on Procrastination Wednesday???!!!:)

{Pretty picture from Country Living 
meant purely for inspiration and enjoyment!}


  1. There are so many things I am procrastinating on...I couldn't even make a list! Isn't that sad? :)
    One of the most immediate things I need to work on is going through the kids' clothes, getting rid of what doesn't fit, etc. Ugh...I dread that job!
    That little office nook is beautiful. If only.....

  2. Good for you getting all that done. The picture from Country Living is amazing. I wish I had an extra closet. Wow!

  3. I found the fly lady about a year ago and it really has helped me. I don't follow it to the T. But I do try to keep some of her little philosophies in mind when trying to keep my life organized! Good luck on your chores - I too have many things that I have been slacking on - too many to list probably ;D HUGS

  4. oh... enjoying and inspired!

    glad you visited today!

    I will be back!