Look Who's 10 Months Today

Another month...
another month of loving this sweet little angel
she is the one single thing
that can get everyone in the house smiling...
in an instant
her little being
brings such joy

she loves to sit in her seat
 and eat Cheeriooooos
while her big sissies have breakfast
oh the things she is learning there
she is also quite the little scientist
learning lots about gravity
as she picks up one of those above mentioned Cheerios
and drops them from her seat and watches them fall
then usually picks up another
and drops it from the other side
a girls gotta have balance right?

she is crawling so much further away from me now
{love that drool}

this is a view I see alot
{sigh...guess it's only the beginning there!}
we read these books everyday before
and this one every night before bed
she loves to kiss all the animals
"nite nite"
books are one of her favorite things

so is snuggling her blankie
always busy

and loving "big girl" toys
{plastic spaghetti anyone...?}
getting her out of bed
is one of my favorite times of day
except when I'm a little blurry
eyed at 3 in the morning!

I hope you know just how loved you are...
...my sweet Little Aubrey Kate

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  1. She is just adorable! My first daughters middle name is Kate. I love that name.