Rain Makes Applesauce

What can you do on a rainy day...
make applesauce
the recipe actually came from
this book
not that book
but I just love that title!!
We made it a few days ago and
it was absolutely the best apple sauce
we have ever had.
it was so cinnamony and delicious
and the whole house smelled wonderful while it cooked
Try it this weekend!
Happy Friday!!

Here is the recipe if you can't make it to the library:

6 lbs. apples, three varities or more
2 or more cups liquid - water, cider of juice
1/3 C cinnamon sugar
1/2 t butter
dash of salt

wash and cut up apples and put in a heavy saucepan
add liquid and cover
cook at medium flame until completely soft and foamy - about 20 min,
Remove, uncover and let cool briefly, but while still warm
transfer the apple mixture to a food mill placed over a large bowl.
Grind down thoroughly.
The sauce will be loose, even runny.  It will thicken as it cools.
season to taste
serve warm or cold.

{photo from Country Living}


  1. I'm impressed. I've never made applesauce. I bet it's delicious homemade.

  2. YUM! We make ours with half pears in tha fall...