Because of Winn Dixie

About two years or so ago I read that book to the girls.  
What a great story!  Filled with so much love... of all kinds... 
friends, family, community and of course the canine version....
I am a softy for the canine version.
Well, this year Riley read it on her own and it sparked an idea...  
{In case you haven't read the book (or seen the movie) 
Opal decides to throw a party, a way to get all of these random friends she has met  together.} 
...an idea to have a party!
of course Janey quickly jumped on board and they decided to have
 an End of the School Year Party.  
They wanted to plan it all from homemade invitations to games and food
and plan it they did!
{I gave them $20 to spend on food and favors
that was a great lesson on what things really cost} 
They did it all 
from cleaning and decorating to
running the show
Here is a look at their big party planning debut...

I think everyone had a wonderful time
including our two party girls.
 They learned a lot that day,
from the "stresses' of worrying your friends are all having fun
to remembering the little details like "do we have enough lemonade"
I have a feeling there are more parties in our future!
Way to go girls!!!


  1. What fun! Your girls are so creative! And you are such a great mom for letting them do this! Hope the party continues...with lots of fun this week too! :o)

  2. where did you get the flip flop straws? i am having a flip flop party for my 5 year old...and i love the decorations hanging too!! so cute!!!