So Long Monday Mornings...

For about a year and a half now, Dave has had Mondays off.  Can you even imagine???  He works 4 ten hour days and even though I miss him during the hustle and bustle of getting the kids out the door and off to school Tues-Fri , I wouldn't trade it for Mondays off!  On a typical Monday morning we usually drop the kids at school and head out to breakfast some where. When Aubrey was really small we would pop her in the carrier for a nap and even get to grocery shop together too...I know super thrilling huh?  But we loved it.  Alone time together is alone time together...even if it is pushing a cart up and down the aisles whispering so the sleeping baby won't wake up!  Well, with summer right around the corner (knocking loudly on the door) yesterday we said so long to our Monday Mornings!   We had our last breakfast together at Panera.  
I splurged and got the coffee cake!
Dave got a bagel to share with this little sweetie...

...who absolutely loves bagels

Of course Aubrey is with us on these Monday Mornings  
but since she can't talk yet we still count it as a "date"!:)
I know...we are reaching a bit and we really need to get out more....

I guess this is the first of many things that will change now that summer is here.

So "bye-bye" Monday Mornings...
{waving bye-bye!}
We'll see you in the Fall!!!
Hmmm and next year Janey has school all day...oh the possibilities!!!;)


  1. I'm feeling the same here...lots of little changes happening with summer approaching. Your Monday's with your husband sound lovely...and I adore your childrens names. Oh how I wanted a Janey!! Enjoy the day! Cute pictures!

  2. Sorry to hear your Monday with your husband are ending...but you will have something to look forward to come fall! My husband had Friday's off for a couple of months this past winter...and we enjoyed them so much. Kind of felt like we were dating again! Our son was in school...and so we had the entire day (which always went too quickly!) to hang out, shop, eat out....so fun!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comments!

  3. oh, that sounds great, to have the husband home every monday. and such fun to get to go on a date every week with him and the baby-and it is totally a date if she can't talk, no interrupting every 30 seconds. :)

  4. awe, weep weep... what a bitter sweet post :-) nice

  5. Just found your blog. My DH works odd hours so we find ourselves with days off alone now and then too. Our dates are usually runs to Lowe's for more plants or some other project around the house. And like you, it's not much, but we LOVE that time alone. Your baby is adorable!

    Looking forward to following along. :)

  6. Hi Cindy... just found your blog randomly and thought I'd say hi! I have three little girls, too :) Looking forward to reading more about your blessed life!