Lunch Time Farewell

On Friday we met Riley at school  for her last lunch as a second grader.  Dave brought her a very large batch of nachos from a local Mexican Restaurant (she has been wanting to try those for months).  Janey and I brought a lunch from home and Aubrey had some goldfish!:)

It was a beautiful day...upper 70's, breezy and a perfectly blue sky above. The girls enjoyed playing on the
playground and the tires. Riley showed us some of her favorite tricks (yikes!) and Janey gave it a go...with a little help from Daddy.

Then they found a quiet place to play under the trees.  They were making houses with sticks and little rocks.    Seeing that brought back a lot of memories for me.  I remember quite clearly sitting on the edge of the blacktop with my best friend Lisa designing our very own school.  Using big rocks for desks and  little pebbles for people.  We used to go back day after day to that very same spot.  I love seeing that type of imaginative play.
It was a wonderful day and a bittersweet one too.
Glad we could all share it together.
Farewell to lunchtime with our soon to be big third grader!
We love you!


  1. Gorgeous girls and such sweet memories, with Dad included in the fun! This is the stuff that LIFE is made of : ) Thank you for stopping by and visiting and I will pop back again soon! xx P&H

  2. What a wonderful lunch together and great pictures...you must have an awesome camera! I love the drink with the 3 straws in it! :)