Pancakes on the Porch

What do you do on a Thursday night when your sweet "dinner makin' hubby" is a little busy being sweet" lawn-mowin hubby"...you make chocolate chip pancakes of course!

These are the sour cream ones from Pioneer Woman's Cookbook...YUMM!!
{Thanks Jenn for the chocolate chip alternative}

And of course it wouldn't be a fun almost-summer-event if you didn't eat them picnic style on the front porch!

And you have to throw in one of the these to complete this healthy meal!

Looks like summer is almost here!
Happy Friday Everyone!


  1. yay! it's definitely feeling like summer around here!have a great holiday weekend, cindy!

  2. FUN! FUN! FUN! What a fun mom you are! I bet they LOVED it! Pancakes for dinner? YUM!

  3. Looks like a perfect dinner to me!! I've been thinking about getting a snow cone machine too. I think the girls would go nuts over them this summer. Happy Friday!!!

  4. Yummy! Those look delicious! We do the same thing once in a while! Breakfast for dinner! Yum! I got to check out that recipe! Thanks for your sweet comment! I actually have that angel inside and I took it outdoors for pictures!
    Looks like your weather is a bit more summer like then we've been having.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Look that is me!! ;) Your pancakes look SO yummy! I JUST told my husband 9:43 that I want those for breakfast ~ again!! I am SO addicted to those pancakes!