Sunday's List

Every weekend we make a BIG "To-Do" list.
Things to try and accomplish and projects to tackle. 
Some things just seem to get carried from one list to the next don't they?

Even though most of the things on the list are things we need to
we make our list together as a family and
always encourage the girls to add their wishes too.

This weekend it was  rather easy to grant their wishes...
Riley wanted to do a family puzzle and go for a long walk
and Janey wanted to go to a park.

Dave decided to take Janey's wish one step further
and add a little fishing expedition to their day

the day was peaceful...

and serene...

{sorry little fishies...but we always let you go....}

fairy homes were built

and slurpees...

were enjoyed!

The perfect ending to Sunday's List

Hope you all had a great weekend too!


  1. Cindy-
    sounds like a great weekend! my husband took the kids fishing over the weekend as well and Charlotte got her first fishing pole (princess, of course!). Have a great week!

  2. Any day is perfect with a slushie ;) Looks like a refreshing and fun time!!

  3. what a beautiful weekend for sure!!! sweet pics!