Craft Wednesday ~Georgia O'Keefe Watercolor Flowers~

I have always loved arts and crafts
I'm certainly NOT an "artsy crafty" person but I love beautiful things...does that count?

We decided to do a directed craft project a week and put it on our summer list
Got this fabulous project idea from Meg (just love her blog!!)
She is going to be doing a craft project each week too
When my girls saw these flowers, they wanted to start with this project as well...can you blame them?
I promise to try and come up with a few of my own creative ideas too!!:)

The lesson was supposed to be inspired by Georgia O'Keefe's flower paintings
Riley had already studied her paintings in art, and we did a little research on-line to get inspiration

The directions were to have your petals touch the edges of the paper
And to use a different color on the center, petals and background of the painting
But as Janey reminded me...there are no rules in art!:)

we sketched in pencil and then traced with a permanent marker

In all honesty, there was a little sadness during this project...
colors that didn't turn out the way they expected
(why didn't I just use our Crayola watercolors....much more vivid then the ones in our art kits???)
frustration at the size of the paper that needed to be painted
wanting to start over...but...then again not

In hindsight I think maybe using smaller paper would have been good
there was a lot of background area to fill in 
then we could have used the same time to do maybe a second completely different flower.....

 but as the time went on they started to turn things around
noticing the differences between our paintings
 complimenting each other
experimenting with the colors

here are our finished masterpieces

Janey's flower

Riley's "Rainbow Storm" flower

Riley's "Mix and Match" flower

my "Swirl" flower

All and all a pretty good art experience
Our morning was a little crazy...notice the splint on Riley's arm??  She fell during PE the day before so our morning included a  2 hour trip to convenient care (just a small sprain) and a missed morning nap.  I think we did quite well to even pick up our brushes!!!:)

What are some of your favorite craft/art activities to do with your children?
I would love some more inspiration!
Until next Wednesday.....


  1. My son(7) is just starting to enjoy crafts (finally!) Yay! So I'm looking forward to doing some crafts this summer...just not sure yet what we will do! This winter we made crayon circles and hearts...he loved doing this. You've probably seen it before. You just break up old crayons and melt them in molds or muffin tins. I saw a recipe the other day for making sidewalk chalk...(I know chalk is already cheap....but it might be fun to try and make) but I can't remember which blog I saw it on! Hate when that happens!
    Your flowers turned out great!

  2. Lovely!! they turned out fabulous! =)

  3. the flowers look great...i saw this on meg's blog too and plan to try it....thanks for the tips too!! i am thinking with a 3 and 5 year old the smaller paper will work better for their attention spans...thanks for the heads up!! love your blog...need to keep looking!!!

  4. Cin, these really came out cute!