Summer List 2010

Time to make that good ol' summer list!
So many great ones out there...check out Meg's and Kerri's
I think it is a totally great way to keep your summer focused and to put some meaning 
into these days that are supposed to be lazy!
Here is the list we made last year

We accomplished most of what we set out to do...keep in mind we had a newborn in the house!:)
We also made a different list that kind of kept us focused during the day to day.

They were both great to differ to when I heard the "I'm bored" song.

This year I decided to actually hand write the list.  
I loved the way Meg's looked 
and adding to it (I am a perpetual list maker) will be much easier this way.
So here is our Summer List for 2010..wish us luck!

What are your plans this summer?


  1. We are def. going to make one of these posters!!!! I have seen them around and it gets me excited about having some fun and different things to do this summer!
    Great ideas! Love how colorful and pretty yours looks too.

  2. This is great! I loved your comment on my blog, THANK YOU! Well.. I started my family a bit early , V and I were high school sweerhearts and IU had our sone whenb I was a senior in high school! yes, the scandal! so... tomorrow our youngest sonb graduated from highschool , empty nest at 41. I'm sad and excited about the future. I'm excited to see what your next act is! ( :
    Have a pretty night.


  3. We're in the process of brainstorming for our list, too. I saw the same you you did and love it. Little boxes to check them off after they're done.

    Summer plans are a mix of camps, relaxing, play dates, swimming, camping, Kauai (yeah), school work.
    Fun stuff!

  4. Ice cream for dinner??? LOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEE THIS!!!! You are now officially nominated for "Mom of the year" (besides my mom , of course ;o) Sounds like a fun plan!!! Happy Summer!

  5. Thanks for the mention Cindy! Too funny, when I saw YOUR list...I thought it was MINE! I often put the little cloud thingy around words and we have very simliar handwriting! Funny! I love your idea of "baking Monday"...I hope you post some recipes! Great list!

  6. love your new list and you've already had ice cream for dinner!!!!! yay summer! have a great thursday!

  7. Such a fun idea! we have some mental lists ~ that is great! I must do that! We always have beach camping trips on our list! and they love to read for the free books at our local bookstores... and the library! ;) this year we are going to try geocaching (spelling?) So much fun to be had!