Craft Wednesday ~Eric Carle Butterflies~

It's Wednesday
Time to be crafty!
{brief pause for a morning shot of my happy little angels}

This week Riley choose another great project from 

Eric Carle Inspired Butterflies
We just love Eric Carle, don't you??

We started by thinning out the paint with a bit of water.
I think next time I would skip this step to keep the colors more vibrant.
We painted our "Eric Carle" paper with one color per sheet.
We were looking for streaks and swirls to help with the collage feel.
Then we began cutting out our butterflies.
On Deep Space Sparkle she used templates for the butterfly shapes.
The girls wanted to do their own without tracing,
but looking back, I think this would have left more time/energy
for creative decorating of each butterfly and more time/energy to do several more. :)

Here are the finished masterpieces!

This project was loads of fun and we have lots of paper left over for future creativity.
During the project I told them that when I used to teach 
we would make Eric Carle flowers for Mother's Day.
They decided to make a few of those too.


On a side note, I found a great deal on washable tempera paint.
Hobby Lobby had these on sale for $1.59 with 30% off.
I don't think they are quite as vibrant as Crayola,
but the price was great and
the washability seems good too.

And, I am probably the last person on Earth not to know about watercolor paper,
but we bought some of that  today too
and it makes a HUGE difference.
The colors look amazing and the paper holds up so much better.

Hope you have a creative Wednesday.
Can't wait till next week.


  1. I love this one. The little 5 year old I daycare for would love this one. I love copying your ideas.

  2. What a fun tablecloth to paint on!

  3. I guess we were a week late. I would have loved to have made a butterfly. Love Eric Carle

  4. LOVE craft Wednesday!! We plan on doing some fun things from that same website!! great looking artwork!! have fun!

  5. So great. VBS is almost over, so next week a "normal" Summer day schedule will be back. I'm planning on doing some of the craft days too. We're hoping to see the Eric Carle museum in MA this Summer.
    Thanks for the mirror advice...I think Mr. Mark is going to hang it today!

  6. My boys could get into this one, seriously (maybe not butterflies).
    Monday we're crafting. Maybe it will be this. Thanks for the idea.