Catching Fireflies

The girls had so much fun catching these little guys.
I think being outside so late and the anticipation of seeing who spots the first one was almost as fun as catching them.

Janey wanted so badly to jump right in and get one on her own...but her wiggly nerves got the best of her I think.
But that's ok, Daddy and Poppy were there to lend a hand.
What a wonderful summer night.
Check that off of our summer list.
But something tells me we'll be doing this one again.


  1. How cute! Love those little nets.

  2. the kids are so excited to do this, too...hopefully we will have an evening soon with NO RAIN that it works out! looks like a lot of fun!

  3. That's so neat! I wonder if we have fire flies in California?

  4. Oh how fun! I've always wanted to catch fire flies! We don't have them here in California!
    Very cool! Smiles your way!!!

  5. I remember growing up in Nebraska and catching fire flies - was the best! Don't see them in AZ at all! I remember the first time I took my hubby home, he was amazed!

  6. Hi Cindy! Thanks for your comments, how fun that you visited, I hope I'll see more of you! Lucky you to have these 3 beautiful girls I see here on your blog - isn't it fun?! We seem to have a lot in common ... former teachers turned bloggers & moms to daughters - no wonder we visit so many of the same blogs!

    Great to meet you - please stay in touch!

  7. oh yes...catching fireflies...a perfect summer tradition! have fun!!

  8. so fun!!! i think i need to wait a couple years on this...my 3 year old loves his 7pm bed time!!!