Craft Wednesday ~Flags, Posters and Lady Liberty~

It's Wednesday!
Time to be crafty!

Whew...I just have to say...this was the most nutty crazy craft day yet.
Probably has something to do with this huge crick in my neck (blogging injury??:) ) 
and the fact that Dave has been out of town.
The girls did an amazing job being helpful and rolling with it all...but I need a trip to the spa after this one!!:)

We started out wanting to do this project from Family Fun
but it didn't quite go as planned.
Not sure if it was our paint being too thick or thin, but when we blew it with the straws
it looked more like giant blobs then beautiful fireworks.

So...on to plan B...
Flag Paintings
this was fun and gave us a quick lesson on Flag history
but it left us all feeling kind of "Blah" about this weeks project

So...on to plan C...
and back to our favorite site 

Janey chose the Lady Liberty project
I was a bit worried about this 5th grade lesson
but the girls loved it and and did a fantastic job

we started with a directed lesson with lots of great tips from
We drew with pencil first and then traced with black marker
{Blame it on my neck, but I forgot to use permanent markers and the colors bled a bit}
We then added the details with watercolor.
Here are the finished projects



This is as far as I got with mine
because I was chasing this little "I want to paint too" 
sweetie around

but isn't she cute???
{even out of focus!}

Oh yeah and then we threw in some Welcome Home Daddy Posters

Whew...can you see why I need a trip to the spa????

Hope you have a Creative Wednesday!
See you next week!


  1. Wow! Three projects in one day...now that's the difference between boys and girls RIGHT there!

    You have quite the little artists in your house!

  2. Love the projects.
    Aubrey has a curl!!!

  3. Love the results, what amazing artists!! It's creativity like this that makes that purge process so difficult, right?!

    Thanks for the post, hope you hang those beautiful Lady Liberty's up someplace prominent ;-)

  4. What a fun craf day! And yes! You need a day at the spa!!!!
    Just read your comment on my blog~ NO! That does not sound weird! I get exactly what yopu are saying!

  5. We love deep space sparkle too and will be visiting for our craft thursdays!! love your flags! happy 4th to you!