Craft Wednesday ~Where the Wild Things Are~

It's Wednesday!
Time to be crafty!
This week it was Janey's turn and she choose
Watercolor Monsters from Deep Space Sparkle
What a fun project this was!
We have the book at home which was perfect and very inspiring.
This was a project very similar to the first flowers we did
but for some reason it went more smoothly.

We started with sketching our monsters with black crayon

{We have guest artists this week...my parents are visiting from GA!}

We added a few details with crayon for the "resist" effect.
Then finished up with the watercolors.
{Did you know there was such a thing as watercolor paper?
We must get some before next week!}

Here are the finished projects

Poppy couldn't resist all the fun so he decided to join in.

you have a sneaky look on your face Poppy....

what on Earth are you making????

Make sure all small children look away!

Not quite the watercolor monsters we had in mind!
But it was good for a few ghastly giggles!!
Enjoy the day!


  1. cindy-
    looks like fun, love that collage of all the monsters together. and thanks foe sharing that website link, lots of good stuff there!

  2. Love your craft Wednesday...what a fun MOM you are! It seems harder to me to come up with a boy craft! I would be in my glory if my son wanted to do a craft once a week!

  3. we call our grandpa poppy, too!

    i think this is such a fun idea. i'm gonna pull out the book and see if my son will do this one.

  4. LOVE THIS! Think I might have to try this with Kyan and Lola too!

  5. Ok.. I am whipping this out for summer fun. Great idea! Our summer officially starts today. Woohoo.

  6. Lovin' your Craft Wednesday's! We did a few of the crayon resist projects with first grade it's so much fun! Those monsters are pretty scary, especially Poppy's :]

  7. Hi Cindy! Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hi! I am loving your blog and have gotten some great ideas - like this super fun art project! You have a beautiful family and an awesome blog that I can't wait to follow! Happy summer!

  8. Those are so, so cute! I never knew Poppy could draw!!!!