Three Little Memories

I feel so behind in my blogging...well not so behind I guess, but a bit behind
I have our Chicago trip, Riley's birthday and Aubrey's coming up in two days....
I should be working on all of those posts, 
but enjoying summer with the girls all day 
(and limiting their television to 30 min. in the afternoon) 
has left me with very little time to catch up 

But since we are using this blog as a family journal that I hope to print someday 
(anyone have good tips on that?!?) 
I just had to pause to record these three little memories
especially since I am trying to slow down life and really appreciate the little things 
and look for the extraordinary 
 in the middle of an ordinary day
so here they are
my three little memories
(and some unrelated photos) :)

over at a friends house, I set Aubrey up with  a few toys
as I walked away to talk with Riley she started to fuss and then looked right  at me and  
said "Ma Ma Ma Ma" for the very first time!

It was early in the morning and only Janey, Aubrey and I were up
I was changing Aubrey's diaper as Janey sat snuggled with her babies near by
Aubrey was doing her typical acrobatics on the changing pad
and I was doing my typical song and dance of distract and hurry
pointing out the pink puppies on her pajamas and playing peak-a-boo
Janey in all seriousness said,
"you're a good mom".

The girls and I went to the mall for a pretzel and some window shopping.
As we were walking along, some young men in uniform (maybe ROTC??)
 were coming the other way.
I saw Riley see them and she looked towards Janey who was a few
steps behind and daydreaming
she quickly grabbed her and pulled her close to us
to keep her safe.
(Not that she was ever in any danger, 
it was just the unknown to Riley
and she wanted her sister close.)

just found this one on the camera
we usually sit outside on a blanket in the evening
Riley must have snapped this of Dave and I...
(See Aubrey in the grass?)


so there you have it
my three four little memories in the middle of an ordinary day
Any ordinary miracles in your day?


  1. I love the one about "protecting" her sister. So sweet. And such beautiful brown eyes she has.

  2. That picture of you and the hubby together is just adorable. Love it. Please frame it. Please!

  3. There are websites you can go to that will print your blog into a hardcover book with color pictures. Blog to print? I think that may be the name of one of them. I am going to do the very same thing!

  4. What a great post! I am having the same summer--Julie the cruise director with little time of my own. But the ordinary has taken on new meaning for me as well. Thanks for a happy post today.
    Have a great trip to Chicago. Brad went to law school there, and it holds a very special place in my heart!

  5. The website to print your book at is blog2print.com That is one of many. :)

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  7. What I meant was, "Awesome post!! Man, your grass is green!"