Craft Wednesday ~ Drawing and Painting Barns~

It's Wednesday!
Time to be crafty!

This week Riley chose another great project from Deep Space Sparkle.
We are just in love with this blog!

We started with a directed lesson and I modeled each step of drawing the barn.
The girls decided they wanted to sketch in pencil first and then go back and trace with the black oil pastel.
Then we used tempera paint for the details.
We loved mixing colors 
and seeing the differences in all of our drawings.
We decided to skip the final step of retracing our black lines with a thin brush and black tempera paint.
We thought they looked wonderful just the way they were!

We just loved this project!

Hope you had a creative Wednesday!
See you next week!


  1. I've been MIA the last few days. I love the picture of your girls with arms around each other. Aren't you so happy they have each other?

  2. these are great, looks like fun..!

  3. These look awesome....you girls are just true artists! I think these would look great in big white frames!

  4. i would never be able to part with ANY of the amazing pieces of artwork in your house - their work is incredible, do you frame a lot of it?!