Weekend Glimpses

Wow...what a weekend!
it seemed to pass before my eyes in one big blur
I know I didn't do any of this
but we watched this guy

build this
in the Aspen tree outside our family room window

we watched these two goofy girls
build this in the basement

they worked and played together for over an hour designing and creating this castle 
complete with doors, windows nightstands, snack trays and pillows

we read a lot of these

and spent endless hours with this little girl

We did accomplish one MAJOR thing on our To-Do list
we moved this guy

{sorry bad pic!}
7 inches further away from the stove
This was a biggie!
it has been bothering me since the day we moved in and now 
it feels like a HUGE new kitchen!
And it was  free!!
Thanks babe!
Now we are thinking of covering it in bead board and painting it a different color
...someday soon.....

What did you do this weekend?
Hope it was a wonderful one.


  1. Love the idea of refurbishing your island. Keep us posted!

  2. Love the girly castle fort! I love it when my kids are busy doing something creative like that!
    Glad you had a good weekend!

  3. nothing beats a good fort - love that!

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