Lunch Boxes

of all the joys of going back to school, this is the one I love the least.
packing lunches.

I try to...
make it fun
make it beautiful
think of my daughters joyfully eating it
look for inspiration and ideas

but it still boils down to packing lunch

so here they are
the first of about 180 packed lunches

got any great lunch box inspiration to share?
enjoy the day


  1. what a fun lunch. I bet it brings the girls a smile when they get to lunch time

  2. So cute Cindy! I love the little cupcake liners (right?) instead of baggies...how smart are you! My son won't eat the school lunches and so I have to pack everyday...and he also doesn't like bread (so no sandwiches)...so I have to pack him something HOT in his thermos...what a pain! I like to send notes too...and I try and find lots of different colored ziplock bags. I hope you'll share more ideas if you get them!

  3. Very cute! If I was one of your little girls, I would love those lunches. You are sweet to put so much thought into them! I only have to pack Boyd's lunch 2 days a week for Mother's day out, but it is probably my least favorite thing to do. I need to get creative like you!

  4. I made my youngest daughter's lunches all the way through High School, and tried to surprise her every day. Mini bagels with strawberry cream cheese was the biggest hit. One time she had a "hankerin" for dried figs, so I put some in her lunch. She said her friends were grossed out with the "brown things" in her lunch that looked like, well, you know...we had fun with that. Also, small containers of dip to go with fresh veggies, or fat free caramel dip with sliced apples. You can buy tiny containers at Dollar Tree in the baby dept, 4 in a pack for, well, a dollar. :)
    Have fun!!

  5. awe!!! what special lunches.... sweet mamma you are!

  6. Super cute! Great way to reduce waste using the liners. I do the same, and the aluminum bottles too. Hayley goes back the 1st and I love packing little notes as well. LOL I cut sandwich shapes too, but isn't it just so much fun?

  7. that looks so great! i can't wait til my son can read so i can pack him notes, too.

  8. 180? -- but who's counting. I love your lunches. They look yummy. What's for dinner?

  9. Aww, I love the lunchbox. It's beautiful! You did a great job with making it fun. :)