First Day

Seems like only yesterday we were here. Wrapping up a school year and ready to start our summer.  Now we are wrapping up summer and ready to start another school year.  I must say, this has been one of the best summers we have ever had.  We were intentional about our fun, our time together, and our time alone. We took things slow and simple.  My favorite way to be.  The girls spent very little time with friends (not that friends are a bad thing) and much more time together...being sisters...being bored...being kids and being happy.

I am sad that the carefree days of summer are coming to an end.  But it's time.  Routines are being craved and new things are ready to be learned.  We are all off on a new adventure.  I am returning to the "super simple all consuming" days with just a toddler at home...Riley is heading to a new school with lots of unknowns and Janey is starting full day first grade with lunch in the cafeteria!:)  But we are ready!

Good-bye summer!
Thanks for the good times!
See you soon....

Our first day of school started with these.  They smell so delicious baking and taste even better. Best blueberry muffins I.have.ever.had!  {Of course I left the blueberries out of three of them for Janey}. Thanks Amy for the inspiration.  
all dressed up and ready to go

8 years old  ~ third grade

6 1/2 years old ~ first grade

now that's a car full of cute!

gotta love new lockers

Today was just a short day at school.  I am sure tomorrow it will all start to sink in.  It will sink in that my sweet little angels will be spending  more awake hours with someone else other then me.  It will sink in that they are growing up so fast and I wish I could slow down time just. for. an. instant.  It will sink in that before I know it, I will be dropping Aubrey off at kindergarten. I know I will miss them terribly but I honestly hope they don't miss me...all that much.  I love you dearly girls and I know you are going to have a wonderful school year.


  1. They are adorable. So hard to believe it's over isn't it? I can't believe I did it...got my babies to first grade. Very mixed emotions...I want to bottle up their innocence now! We start in two days....

  2. They look adorable. Ah, the carefree summer days...I miss them already. School starts tomorrow for my students! I wish all your girls a WONDERFUL school year. P.S. Sorry I've been MIA all summer...finally have caught up with my favorite blogs!!! I missed your posts!! :o)

  3. Great pictures and words. You summed it all up. And lockers? Wow - big time!

  4. so cute! i love that they have lockers. i'm your newest follower

  5. very cute looks like they are excited to start school. never seen lockers in an elementary school... very cool

  6. Sweet post and cute pictures! I am sure the first day of school is very emotional. It all goes by WAY TOO FAST! Sometimes I do wish I could stop time, for a little while.

  7. My first day of every school year my mom got a picture of me at the front door. I did the same with my three and now my grandson gets his picture at the front door as well. I think this may be the universal first day of school picture. Your girls are oh, so adorable.


  8. They are beautiful! I didn't realize we had two kids the same age. How fun! I hope they are enjoying school. :) Enjoy your alone time with that sweet baby. <3