Weekend Glimpses

A wonderful weekend.
Temps were a wee bit cooler...at least we were out of the high 90's !

Dave worked a lot on the board and battan re-do in the basement.  I helped a little, but my job was mostly running defense upstairs.   Almost done and still loving it.  The project has taken quite a bit longer then expected, but I guess everything does with 3 kids!:)  Can't wait to show off his amazing work.

The girls kept busy while we worked.  Came upstairs to see all of Aubrey's toys sorted by color.  There are about 10 other piles gracing our family room floor.......

After lunch we were invited to an Open Halloween House in Janey' room. (I told you we had Fall on the brain)  Janey sent us an invitation and told us "to come in pairs so we wouldn't get freaked out"!  There were scary bats hanging from the ceiling fan, fortunes being told and witches everywhere.  the signs say...
    ghosts in the air....scared? BOO!
    time is running out the ghost is near
    eat one up (plate of vanilla wafers) if you dare...you will turn into a witch...boo!
    don't forget to grab a mint on your way out BEWARE

I just love my creative little girls.
They keep us smiling and laughing that's for sure!

lots of time spent smiling and hugging and watching this one walk all over the place

I sure do love my hubby
He can whip up a tasty lunch after hours in the basement
And see those two involved in that deep conversation?
They were in the middle of some very intricate story/game that continued over lunch.  Yesterday they were all puppies and I had to serve them lunch and tell what all their little grunts and yelps meant.  Too funny!  They are really going to miss each other in a few days.  Poor little Aubrey spent most of the day being held, second molar coming in, poor thing!

Helping Daddy cook pork marsala...YUM!  Told you that guy can cook.  Like the new aprons?  Found them on sale at Michaels today along with those adorable tins.  Our favorite wine.....LONG day!

This is what happens when you work on your wife's crazy basement projects all weekend...you are stuck mowing at 8:00! 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
Enjoy the night!


  1. Can't wait to see the walls! ;)
    the halloween party was so cute! I can't even think about back to school much less Halloween! ;)

  2. You do have a great hubby....works , cooks, then mows! We have fall on the brain too...football, cool weather, and a new season to enjoy!
    Have a great week!

  3. Can't wait to see the basement!
    I agree with Jen...what a great husband you have.
    I love how you captured the girls in conversation....it's so neat that they actaully are friends too.

  4. looks like a fun weekend. how creative your daughters are, sounds like lots of fun

  5. Love your pictures and your glimpses into your life! After many years of loving wine, that is my favorite too. I just discovered it. There is also a sparkling moscato that I LOVE! We get it at Sam's and World Market.

    The Halloween party your daughter threw is so sweet and cute! Loved it!

  6. What a great weekend you had! Your kids are adorable and so creative. The picture of them in deep conversation just melts my heart! It has to be one of your favorites! :)

    I can't wait to see your basement. I'm thinking of doing that in our bedroom.