Today was our last Friday of summer.  I can't believe the end has come so quickly.  It seems like I turned around and there it was.  We made today special but in an ordinary kind of way.   We are pretty good at that around here!:)

The girls and I spent a lot of time drawing together this morning.  They  love it when I sit down to draw with them instead of them drawing at the island while I am doing something else in the kitchen.  What an easy way to make them smile...kids can be surprisingly easy to please sometimes.   Fall seemed to be the theme of our art this morning.  Can you tell we are all tired of the heat.  Riley drew herself and Janey in the kitchen baking an apple pie.  Janey drew her and Riley racing up the hill with Daddy, his basket of apples and I waiting at the top.   I drew a fall tree in all it's "fally" splendor.  Ever wonder how to draw a really cool looking fall tree?  We Googled it and found this.  

Have you ever tried these crayons?  We just LOVE them.  They are a bit pricier then regular crayons, but oh so worth it.  They have lasted us over a year and they help me with my obsessive compulsion to throw out old crayons and replace them with pointy new ones every month or so.

After Aubrey's nap and lunch time was cleaned up, we headed to the library.  We have made it there almost every Friday this summer.  Our library is fantastic and if Aubrey was just a wee bit older, we could spend hours there.  Her favorite things to do are pull all of the books off  the shelves and climb on top of the Lego table...not quite the literary activities the librarians have in mind I'm sure.  With all the excitement , we still managed to fill ours bags with a collection of wonderful books.
wow...we spent a lot of time in the "New" section...with a busy toddler you have to move fast

Earlier this week I was inspired by this post over at Boyd's Crazy Mama.  If you have not met Nicolle  and visited her amazing blog, you must.   Her photography is beautiful, her son Boyd is a complete cutie and she has a wonderful way of enjoying the everyday moments in life and keeping things simple...and I love that!

We have a cute  little cupcake shop of our own nearby.  Dave has gotten cupcakes there for my birthday before, but the girls and I have never been.  Today sounded like the perfect day to check it out and we are so happy we did.  It was darling inside.  Gauzy fabric draped everywhere, fancy crystal chandeliers and a whole case of scrumptious cupcakes.  I would have taken more pictures but there was some sort of business meeting going on inside and we were the only customers there.
The girls had a pink lemonade cupcake  with crystal sprinkles and a sour candy stick inside.  I choose  Cookies and Cream....YUM!  Wish they had a sample tray so I could have tried them all.  I know the girls and I will definitely be back.  Janey says she wants to go there on a date with her husband ...but she will invite Riley, Aubrey and I to go along too.

Dave came home safely last night! Yeah...yummy home cooked meals again.  After dinner we ended this special day with a little dance party.  When we were in MD, by nephew Michael kept playing this song over and over again.  Of course I am so out of the current music scene, I had never heard it before but it has been floating around my brain every since.  Now it's on the desktop and we all love dancing to it several times a day. :)

So...there you have it!  Our perfectly extraordinary ordinary last Friday of the summer.  
How are you making your final days special?
Enjoy the weekend!


  1. I made lemonade cupcakes last year for a bake sale and used a small pink straw...but I like the idea of stick candy better! Seems like everyone has cupcake shops near them but us...maybe it's time to move?!
    Brady and I sing that song all the time....and then we can't get it out of our head!
    Looks like you guys had a great day!

  2. This is awesome, my girls are huge art lovers and I had to laugh when I read about the crayons, I'm the same way, LOL I like buying new sharp ones, so we've bought this kind too. I also like color pencils, makes it all neater. :-) We are the same at the library just about every Mon and Fri, Monday they have classes for Hayley's age and Fri we go back with all 3 of us to stock up on books and collect prizes for the reading program. So glad to see you enjoying these last few days of summer. Enjoy!

  3. Soul Sister is a song of choice around here as well. My big boys always sing it to Evie. Great last Friday, but aren't you looking a bit forward to routine?

  4. You are so sweet! I was so tickled that you put me in your blog post. Thank you. You are inspiring as well. Great minds think alike. I love simple and ordinary...those are the best things in life. To me life is more special and more grand when we focus on the little stuff! :)

    I love those crayons. Will have to check them out. I am so like you, I toss out old ones too often. I'm so glad you went to your cupcake place. They sound delicious!

    I am ready for Fall as well! I can taste it and feel it and smell it already!

    Have a good week! :)

  5. I love this post Cindy. This is our last week and I think it's so important to celebrate the "lasts" just like it is the "firsts." I'm not sure what we are going to do this week. If it cools down ever, some hikes would be nice, but I also want to do relaxing things like reading and watching some of their favorite movies. I can't believe it's time for school again. I love the routine like someone said below, but it means my kids are gone all day again and they are a year older. :( That's why I get so sad. Life is just moving way too fast for my liking! lol

    The cupcakes look delicious! I'm with Kerri, we don't have a cupcake shop in my town and I've often thought that I should open one. :) Of course I never will, but I love cupcakes!

    Hadleigh has those same crayons and loves them!! It looks like you had a great trip to the library. I can't get enough of books, especially kids books.

    I LOVE that song too and dancing around to it is so much fun!

    Do you guys start school tomorrow or Tuesday?

  6. sounds like a fun way to celebrate the end of summer and the beginning of the school year