Saturday morning bright and early,  Dave and Janey headed to soccer.
Riley, Aubrey and I headed to our local garden shop.
We were looking for a few fall touches and mums for the front porch.

Sometimes the ride there is more then half the fun.
We talked about school and life.
Riley said she thought we would have been best friends when I was in third grade.
I agreed...without a doubt.
We talked of things we would do together...write notes, sit on top of the monkey bars, laugh.
She said she was glad I was her mom.

Riley and I both LOVE fall.
It was fun looking at all  the orange and brown goodness together.
She loves to help me pick out things for the house.
She is my little nester in training.
After finding the perfect mums, we headed over to watch Janey's game.
I have got to find a way to get good soccer pictures with Aubrey in the carrier...and fast!

Later, after Riley's game, Janey and I headed out for our date.
A shoe finding date.
We talked about school, life and marriage.
She wanted to know all about when I met Daddy...again!
Was "You're going to be my husband", the first thing I thought when I saw him???
She also wanted to know who picks out your husband for you...you or your parents?
We went from store to store holding hands.
Janey twirled, spun and flitted about like only Janey can do.
It was lovely.

Daddy and Riley were busy while we were gone.

I think that made Aubrey very happy
I'm guessing this probably made her smile a bit too.

Dave worked in the yard a bit.
Made some rockin pizza.
And we finished the day with the ice-cream truck.
It was a great Saturday.

Hope you had a great Saturday too!
Enjoy the day,

Sorry for the lack of pictures in this post...my camera and I are not on very good terms right now.  
I want to trade her in....BAD!:)  Should a beginner think of an SLR??  Canon, Nikon???  

Sometimes a few of you will ask me a question in one of your comments, I usually try and pop over to your blog to answer.  I think from now on I am going to answer right here if that's ok. :)

Do you guys use Google Reader or your Dashboard for blog reading....just curious as to the benefits of Goggle Reader.  
I use my dashboard



  1. Cindy, I'm practically in tears from reading this endearing story of those private conversations with each of your girls ... aren't those small moments the BEST?! Those are the moments i just want to hug my girls tight and never let go - I love that you had TWO of those moments ... in the very same day!! WOW! I'm so glad you posted about it, now I've got the warm-n-fuzzies ;-)

  2. Me too (in tears)...your second paragraph really got me.

    I'm feeling really dumb...I don't even know what you mean by "dashboard" or google Reader?! Ahhh I have so much to learn! :)

  3. It sounds like the perfect Saturday Cindy! I love how you have the books you are reading on your sidebar. My daughter loves the Ramona books and is reading them too! I have a Canon Rebel xsi and I love it. I have tons to learn, but it is a great camera and very user friendly.

  4. It sounds like the perfect Saturday Cindy! I love how you have the books you are reading on your sidebar. My daughter loves the Ramona books and is reading them too! I have a Canon Rebel xsi and I love it. I have tons to learn, but it is a great camera and very user friendly.

  5. Beautiful story! Daughters are so precious! And I'm with Kerri in that I'm not sure if I use dashboard or google reader. I know I use a Nikon D70 and really like it, but don't really know how to use it well. That's on my "to do list:)"

  6. What a lovely weekend together. :-) Great pictures, love your countertops :-)

    I use dashboard to do my readings.

    Have a great day!!


  7. what a great archive for your family Cindy.. . .those everyday moments that we tend to forget about because we are in such a rush! Someday, you and your girls will look back and be so thankful you took the time to write it down!

  8. What precious memories you and your girls made on your dates. :) So sweet! It sounds like you had a wonderful Saturday!

    I usually answer questions, which I don't get many, on my blog. I don't know what google reader is or how to track my favorite blogs in my dashboard. I just go to my favorites and find the blogs I read that I bookmarked.

    I am a beginner like you and I LOVE my DSLR. I have the Nikon D40. It's a perfect starter camera. I had a Nikon film SLR camera so I was comfortable with Nikon. I researched my Nikon on www.kenrockwell.com I made the right choice. When I totally master this camera, I'll move on. :)

  9. Nikon and Cannon are both great cameras! I would not start too fancy... I personally want to start with a good quality $500 model... and once I am cozy... then upgrade! =) I had a nice SLR Nikon ( actually posted about it yesterday) with film... loved it!... but have not had that kind of money to drop on a camera since! *sigh* one day!

    fun sweet weekend!! =)

  10. Your daughters are the sweetest things ever! I am impressed w/how well she's scooping that cookie dough. Mine try, but there are usually smears all over the cookie sheet. :)

    I use Google Reader. Easier for me. I don't ever look at my Dashboard.

    I have a Canon DSLR. Had a film version first. It's an older model. Entry level. I have learned a ton with it. I am now waiting IMpatiently for the D60 to hit the market to see if that's the one I want to upgrade to.

  11. I love fall too. The colors and smells are wonderful. I love family together days like that. Sounds perfect.

  12. That is a very sweet post. I can't imagine the different relationship you have with girls, as opposed to me with a boy. It's all so sweet!

    You can totally get an SLR. You can get books and videos on how to use it. It's pretty user friendly, but I do have to admit....it has a LOT of functions and sometimes still intimidates me. I have a Canon Rebel XSi. LOVE IT!

    I sometimes view in google reader, sometimes I go to the actual blog. Guess it just depends on the day! :)

  13. What a perfect Saturday! I can't wait to have days like that (we have fun now but Avery isn't as interactive as your girls of course). What sweet girls you have!

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