Alone Time

My birthday is Saturday.
The big 43!!
Wow...when did that happen?
I still feel like I'm in my very early 30's at least!:)

Yesterday a present came in the mail.
It was from my mom and dad.

A beautiful hand painted dish for eating yummies out of.
A hand beaded bracelet.
A bag of M&M's because my mom knows me and shares my sweet tooth.
and a note with $3 attached.

The note said to enjoy a milkshake next time I had alone time.
You can see the attached $3 is gone
I don't waist time when the solo enjoyment of milkshakes are involved.

Since Dave was home that day
I grabbed my $3 and headed to pick up the girls from school a bit early

I took the L O N G way and
I took this along with me.

It was the perfectly delicious way to spend my afternoon alone time.
Thanks mom!

Have you had any good alone time lately?
Enjoy the day,


  1. Happy early birthday! What a sweet gift from your parents! Ah, yes, alone time...priceless. It's funny. I remember not liking being by myself when I was young and single. I was always trying to surround myself with other people. Now, I'm always thrilled when I can find a little alone time.

  2. What a thoughtful gift! Happy early birthday to you! I need to get a copy of the new PB. I pour over them for hours! :) I sat by the river the other day with a salad from the gym...pure bliss! Enjoy your day!

  3. Happy BIRTHDAY to you! :)

    What a fun bunch of gifts to receive!

    I love some alone time and a nice catalog to browse through. I hope you enjoyed your quiet time.

    have a great day!

  4. Glad you enjoyed your presents...especially the milkshake! Boy, it didn't take you long to indulge in that treat!! I don't wish I was in my early 30's...those were difficult years...but 50 something...I'll go for that! As long as you REMEMBER how old you are I'll know how old I am. All I have to do is add 20 years...I think I can still manage that.

  5. I find myself thinking the same thing. . .I still must only be 32 right???

    I'm glad you enjoyed the LONG way to school!!

  6. Oh this is so sweet! What a thoughtful gift!
    I have alone time everyday...but it is hard to stop and relax and just spend the time enjoying the peace. Sounds like you had the perfect moment!
    Happy Birthday!

  7. What a wonderful gift - truly a gift. I think that sometimes my favorite time of the day is when I get a coffee and a magazine and get to the pick up line at school 30 minutes early! Happy early birthday sweet friend!

  8. Happy Birthday week!!! I'm so glad you were born & that you blog. I hope the milkshake was delicious. Never in a million years would I guess you will be 43 based on your pictures and your enthusiasm/youthfulness on this blog. I hope that makes sense! Happy rest of your birthday week!!!

  9. Happy early birthday. That was so sweet!! I love alone time...sadly I do not get much of it but when I do I sit outside reflect and read. = )

  10. What fun and thoughtful gifts!
    A milkshake and PB magazine...what more could a girl want! I usually tear through the PB catalog as I'm coming back up the driveway from the mailbox.

    Have a super day!

  11. what a sweet gift!! happy birthday to you. i hope you enjoy your day!!

  12. that has to be the cutest most thoughtful gift I ever heard of - I love it! Happy Early Birthday to you!!

    Your comments had me laughing - we watch identical shows! My girls loooooved Arthur for years and years before Word Girl came and took his place ... and me? Oprah and Modern Family are faves, and Sarah's House is my #1 HGTV show, I love her beyond words! And Lost?! well, just see for yourself ... http://luckyasaladybug.blogspot.com/2010/05/ill-never-be-lost-again.html

  13. Happy Birthday! You look great!! What a perfect gift. Now I'm craving a chololate shake:)

  14. You certainly look like your in your early 30's! I turned 40 this year and I'm still trying to figure how that happened!
    What a sweet gift! Sounds like me and sweets. I wouldn't waste a second! It's amazing how a little break like that can recharge ya! I'm gonna have to request a catalog from Pottery Barn,looks like some good stuff!
    Well, a very early HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! Hope you have a wonderful one!!!!!!!!

  15. Happy birthday! What a nice gift from your parents.

  16. Happy belated birthday! What a sweet gift from your mom and dad. Sounds like the perfect bit of alone time.

    Your girls are adorable, love the sweet notes they left you.


  17. Happy early birthday to you! I hope it's wonderful!! Enjoy some alone time, I have no idea what that is! LOL