this week

it was spirit week  at Riley's school
some of her favorites were....

mismatch day and pajama day                                                                

mismatch day was a little tough for her.
she kept asking me..."are you SURE it's mismatch day"?
poor little sweetie didn't want to be in plaid and polka dots with two different shoes for nothin'

Aubrey and I met Riley for lunch on Wednesday
i asked her if she wanted to stay at school and we could all eat with her friends
or we could sign-out and go to Subway
she choose Subway

she says the cafeteria is hot, stuffy and smells like spoiled ranch....
sad but true

we had such a good time
40 minutes just flew by
she wants to do it again next week
love that girl

Aubrey and I met Janey for lunch on Thursday
she wanted to stay at school and invite her friend Ellen to sit with us

little miss Janey is just too cute
do you know she has a system for eating her lunch
first she checks to see what her "big thing" is
eats some of her "little things"
then saves her favorite "little things" for after her "big thing"
love that girl

it was so hot out we only stayed at recess for a bit
Janey walked us to the edge of the playground and gave me the biggest kiss and hug

she told me last night that she cried when I left
she doesn't like seeing me walk away
love that girl

see the fun my three beauties have before breakfast

how can my "breakfast time girls" compete with that??????

nap time has been so inconsistent this week
sometimes two a day
sometimes only one morning nap
please tell me this is not the beginning of the end of two naps
waking up at 11:30 and then no afternoon nap makes for a
very long day

but just look at her
i guess i can deal

i have been way behind on my "housely duties" this week
i am blaming no naps and blogs
it's really more like no self discipline

big homecoming parade today
the girls decided to dress Aubrey in the right colors too

we've got spirit yes we do
we've got spirit how 'bout you!

Hope you have a Happy Friday 
and a Wonderful Weekend,


  1. Our school colors are black and orange and we are the bulldogs. . .looks like maybe you guys are too??

    Sounds like a fun week.. .we are transitioning to no naps at all here and yes it does make for some very long afternoons!

  2. Sweet sweet sweetness!! Your girls are always so adorable and smiley!!

    We had a pj day once too and, like Riley, my younger one was so so nervous about showing up and having it be the wrong day ...

  3. That little one gets sooo much love from her sisters. Lucky girl:)

  4. They are so precious! My daughter's school does days like that too. :-)
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  5. I was just thinking what Traci said...that Aubrey is one LOVED little girl! How lucky she is to have two amazing big sisters!

    Happy Birthday Cindy!
    Enjoy your day!

  6. looks like a fun week. I can't blame her for being worried about dressing on the wrong day, especially at that age

  7. Your blog just keeps getting cuter and cuter! Love the wood! Your daughter is right - school cafeteria's are always stinky and humid! Good for you for going out! You have reminded me to go have lunch with my kiddos - they always love that! Have a great weekend!

  8. Cute mismatch girl!! my little girl is too shy to participate in spirit weeks! funny girl! I love signing my little girl out and taking her to Subway for lunch too... and she loves it too!! During conference week our special thing is checking her out before lunch every day that week... since she only misses lunch... =)

  9. Your girls are all so precious! Love the fact that she was so worried about mismatch day. I dreaded the end of the 2 naps a day period, but then I was ok with it, because Boyd took a long nap in the afternoon! :) Hope you have a great week!

  10. ps. happy birthday, yesterday! I hope you really enjoyed your day.

  11. Wow! Your girls get 40 minutes for lunch? And you can sign them out? I guess I'm the parent so I can sign my child out, but I never thought about signing them out and taking them somewhere. We always just eat in the cafeteria with them when we "do lunch."

  12. I've always loved spirit day and I definitely get the anxiety of having to get reassurance that Mismatch Day is the day you think it is. Isn't meeting your kids for lunch the best?

    And yes the transition from two naps to one is always so hard... for the mommy.

  13. Hi Cindy,
    Thanks for the note. I decided to write a little explanation of my post at the end. So that it wasn't so cryptic. We witnessed domestic violence this past weekend and it affected us all. Plus my eldest is dealing with a coach who won't play her. So our weekend was full of lots of unexpected challenges.
    Take care,

  14. As a teacher, I always loved PJ day, how many people get to go to work in their pjs, it was the best! : ) She is so cute all dressed up! How fun that you got to go have lunch with the girls, sounds like they loved it too! I love how sweet your girls are too eachother, so heartwarming.

    I love Avery taking 2 naps a day, I'm not looking forward to her dropping one. I love spending time with my girl but the break is so nice!

  15. leaving school at lunch sounds like fun! and happy belated bday!! oh how I wish Griffy would take 2 naps..even one good one would suffice right now! :) How is Simplicity Parenting by the way?