{Her Tooth}

the weekend had a little bit of magic for Janey Brooke
she finally lost her tooth
the tooth that had been wigglin' and jigglin' for quite some time
finally let go

she came down monday morning
with her hand over her mouth
a big smile hidden underneath
and a tooth between her fingers
she was so happy

Janey is a saver
so it was no surprise to us that she wanted
the tooth fairy to let her keep her goodies

{see how tired she looks...that's what a weekend with Mimi and Poppy does to a girl!:)
she's wearing Dave's old FL Panther Hockey jersey}

later that night she wrote her letter
Dear Tooth Fairy,
I have lost another tooth!
can't you believe it?
it's my fourth one.
can I please keep my
note/picture and tooth?
love, Janey!!!!!!
she placed it and her tooth under her pillow
and was very excited to find them both
still there in the morning

it's amazing how missing front teeth
really change them
she looks and sounds so different
so grown up
we love you Janey Brooke
and we're glad you got your bit of magic


  1. Leslie used to write to Santa every year and one year she asked Santa to get her back her blanket that she had knew I had tucked away in my closet...of course Santa did!

  2. You are so right about how much losing baby teeth makes them look older. I so miss Brady's perfect little (very white!) baby teeth. In its place came these HUGE front teeth...oh my!
    Your new background is so CUTE and your new pictures you put in! Whevever I mess around with it, my header never quite fits in where it should! And the pictures on the side come over into the middle area too. I think I need to do a little road trip and go visit some of my blog friends!

  3. Look at your cute blog! Love how you are always changing it up! And what a sweet girl! Happy to see that your TF is reasonable in what she brings! Some of the TFs here bring $20 - ??!! I think there needs to be a universal standard! It does change the way they look so much. When I see pictures of my kiddos with their perfect little baby teeth...now they have big ole honkers! :)

  4. Janey is too cute! and I love your new header!! have a great day Cindy!

  5. Oh my gosh Cindy! I can't believe that your daughter wanted to keep her tooth. Anna did the same thing. I thought it was a bit strange when she too wrote a letter to the tooth fairy telling her that she wanted to keep her tooth. So she's got a little "collection" going (as she calls it) Too funny!

  6. very cute. and yes the loss of a tooth always seems to change their look so much. what did the tooth fairy say in return?

  7. My little bug loves to communicate with the tooth fairy too ... she'll leave notes, ask questions, created a fairy 'playground' out of paper clips, and even leaves a sprinkling of cinnamon sugar and a tsp of water for her!! The tooth fairy is so much fun!! Our tooth fairy also gives $1 for a tooth, but I see that your tooth fairy answered back with a cute note, too?! What did it say?!

  8. just wanted to respond to you quickly! No, I'm not pumping..I'm just leaving! He's eating and drinking a lot so I know he won't starve from nutrition..just comfort! I'll let you know how it goes!

  9. So sweet Cindy! You're right about how grown up they seem after losing those front baby teeth. That letter's a keeper!

  10. Your girls are so cute! And, I love your new header!

  11. Your blog design looks great! I know what you mean about how grown up they look with their lost teeth and new ones growing in. Time goes by so quickly.