{Catching Up}

Dave got home late Thursday and had to be at work early Friday morning
the girls never got to see him
so he snuck out of work early Friday afternoon
and we got the girls out of school for a lunch time picnic at the park

about an hour after dropping them back off at school
we get a phone call
one of those phone calls where you see the school's number on the caller id
and your heart skips a beat

Janey had apparently fallen in art class
she was seeming very "out of it" and sad
I raced to get her and later find out she "just went down like a domino"
she must have fainted in class
talk about scary
we took her to the doctor later...strep!
not a fun way to start the weekend

my parents arrived about an hour after the excitement
poor Janey handled being sick like a real trooper
she is so brave
and by far the family's best sick person
{she missed the sleep over the first two nights and hardly ever complained
I just love that little girl!}

we were so glad my mom was here for help in the crafty department
the girls worked on Riley's Halloween Scarecrow costume and
Janey's school scarecrow project
thanks Mimi...they both look great!

when Janey was finally feeling better
we headed to our favorite pumpkin patch
The Great Pumpkin Patch in Arthur
this place is Amazing!

I love all of the creative ways they display the pumpkins
Aubrey loved all the freedom
and the dirt!

see Noah's Pumpkin Arc?
the girls loved all the mazes
Aubrey kept going back in for more

what is it about these things??

I was surprised by Aubrey's lack of fear when it came to the goat area
I think she would have climbed right in if she could

easy for some
not for others

what a beautiful day

Tuesday we signed the girls out for lunch again and headed to our favorite picnic spot
we are becoming regulars
the girls loved being able to hang from the trees
thanks Poppy

we loved every minute of your visit
come back soon


  1. great pictures. . .

    wow that is a scary call to get. . .gotta love how strep hits ya like a ton of bricks!

  2. great pictures. and yes that would be a very scary phone call to get! glad she is feeling better and was able to enjoy your beautiful fall weekend

  3. Great fall pictures! The pumpkin patch looks so fun...did you coordinate the girls outfits for colorful pictures??! Your leaves are much prettier than ours are right now.
    Glad Janey is feeling better! I got a call from the school at the end of the school day last week (automated) saying the bus would be 20 mins late getting home. Seeing the school's number on caller id is always scary...afterwards I hung up and cried.

  4. what beautiful beautiful photos!! Such an amazing farm you got to visit, I love the displays and the mazes and all the Fall colors there, the photos are incredible! And that last group of pictures with the red tree - wow! I'm so glad that your little Janey was feeling better to enjoy all of that - what a weekend!

  5. There is SO much to love about this post! The pictures are awesome; it's so wonderfully written; it just made me smile! I love the idea of doing a picnic lunch. What a great idea; your girls must feel so special when they get to do this. Have a great day. LOVE it all!

  6. CIndy that park is GORGEOUS with all of those big beautiful leaves changing colors now. Oh what a fun picnic spot! I see why you like it.

    SO scary to get that phone call, I am glad your daughter is feeling better. Poor thing.

    The girls look so cute in that pic of them all at the pumpking patch. And that patch looks SO cool.

  7. First of all, I hope Janey is ok. That is scary! Your pictures here are just gorgeous!!! The fall leaves, the pumpkin patch, your girls, your sweet family....everything is beautiful. What a fun time. You know what I can hear your girls saying when they are grown up..."remember when mom and dad used to check us out for lunch and take us to the park...". I think they will always cherish those memories. :) I'm glad you had fun with your parents too.

  8. ps...by the way, yes, we have watched that Handy Manny Construction Job special at least 10 times now. :)

  9. I have been wondering about you! So glad to hear that everything is on the mend! Looks like a great pumpkin patch and that you guys had a terrific visit! {I love the pic of all 3 girls and their pumpkins!} Have a great week!

  10. What about those red trees? So beautiful.
    Glad it's just strep.
    Enjoy your family while they're visiting. Lucky you.

  11. I'm glad that your daughter is feeling better. Looks like you had a great weekend with your family. I loved the picture collage.

  12. I'm glad that your daughter is feeling better. I love the picture collages.

  13. Strep and fainting at school? Wowzers.

    Those scarecrow crafts are adorable.

    And what a pumpkin patch. I wish we had one that looked like that.

    LOVING the girls hats and scarves. So hip.

  14. That's such a great idea checking the girls out for lunch. I need to do that sometime. Glad it's just strep! Hope no one else gets it! I hate those phone calls.

  15. These pictures are wonderful! Looks like so much fun! So glad Janey is o.k. and feeling better. That's so great you can take them out for lunch, how wonderful!
    Many blessings,