I had this great post written about Aubrey turning 16 months
all I needed was the pictures taken to go with it
well, her 3 teeth that are coming in simultaneously
made her a bit cranky
and taking pictures yesterday a bit impossible

so today we are going random


Dave has been out of town for three days
and he finally came home last night
I can't tell you how thrilled we all are
especially me
not only do I miss HIM like crazy, I miss someone to cook us dinner
and enjoy cooking us dinner!
one of the other times he went away Janey made the comment
that she couldn't wait for daddy to come home
we were eating like we were in prison....seriously...

sorry I just don't cook

in my defense, I never had to
he has cooked since we have been together
heck our second date was him cooking dinner for me and he has been doing it ever since
I think I have made dinner 10 times since we have been together...maybe
believe me I know how lucky I am
I tell him that almost daily
but the guy really loves to cook
and who am I to stand in front of a man and his passion??!!??!!
tonight I did manage applesauce, fruit, buttered wheat bread and a box of mac n cheese
all with a sad baby on my hip
he came home rather late and the best part was
I was the only one awake when he arrived...ahhhhhh...

we really missed you baby

he brought home these goodies
for his big and biggest babies

never had this popcorn before and it is yummy!


Riley made this poster at dessert time last night
{I have no problem in the dessert category!}
she said they are all things she loves


my parents are coming to visit today
we are all so excited
the weather looks like it will be just beautiful


my vacuum cleaner broke :(
we have central vac and the repair man can't be here until Monday
my poor stick vac is going to choke when my mom's two Golden's arrive


so there you have it
a quick look at my randomness

Hope you all have a fantastic Friday!
Enjoy the day,


  1. glad your man is home again. hope you get some delicious food this weekend to make up for him being away. hope your little lady is feeling more herself too

  2. Oh, that David was the cook. . .how nice! does that mean he does the grocery shopping too??

    Hope you have a great weekend and that Aubrey's teeth come through soon. No fun having crabby kids!

  3. I love your randomness! And I love that he cooks for you - very cool! Sorry about your vacuum, but how fun that your parents are coming for a visit! Where do they live?

  4. oh my, we had the same week. Scott was not home for 3 days also. By last night I had no patience and was a yelling, yucky mom. It's so hard to do it all alone, isn't it? Enjoy your weekend!

  5. I love random posts.
    That's great that your husband loves to cook.
    I did not really start cooking a lot until we had been married a few years. I have come a long way!
    Enjoy your visit with your parents. :)

  6. He's a lucky man to come home to all you girls that love him so!!

    Have fun with your parents this weekend!

    I hope Aubrey feels better.

  7. He cooks too?
    You are one spoiled lady!

  8. Blessed to have a cookin man!! =) especially if you don't love it!
    I go in and out of loving it! But... I am blessed with a man willing to do dishes regularly!! now that I hate!! haha! ;)

    I love your daughters comment about prison! ha!

    Enjoy your time with your mom and the goldens!! =)

  9. lucky lucky girl to have a cook on call for you guys - especially one that's for keeps! Glad he's home and that you've got even more family arriving too, what a fun weekend it'll be - enjoy every minute!

  10. you are os lucky cindy, i am jealous of all that cooking! i am no cook but love to bake. my husband likes to a lot and is very good at it but his work hours don't allow him to that much, darnit. have a great weekend!

  11. Oh, how I wish my husband could really cook. He does make a good breakfast on Sat mornings.
    I love the kissy pic too. Sweet fun!

  12. So sweet! Have a great weekend!!

  13. I hope you are having a good visit with your parents.

    My hubby was just out of town and I was SO happy when he came home. That's a nice feeling.


  14. So happy David is home! That's awesome he does the cooking, my dad was the cook in our family. Sorry to hear about the vacuum, that's no fun! But at least you don't have to vacuum for a couple days!