{Lunch Box Notes}

So how are your daily lunch box notes going?
staring to dwindle a bit?
running low on material?
can only say
"Thinking of you and have a great day"
so many times?
Believe me, I feel your pain.
Having to come up with something cute, clever and uplifting
so early in the morning isn't always easy.

 I got this idea from seeing all the
"Tag Your're It"
question games floating around in blog land.
Lately I have been asking them a question.
Something simple to ponder.
I usually put my answer on the back.
 When they get home we share our answers during snack time.
They have really enjoyed it so far.

{my answer BTW is bluish grey and new PB bedding...}

Two days ago I did a little test.
Aubrey was up early and I was running a bit behind
so I skipped my note for the day
I wondered if they would care
even really notice

The first thing they each said after school was
"Mom...you forgot my note!"
I guess they really do care!

Got any inspiring ideas to share?
Enjoy the day,


  1. Love your question idea! Fun!
    I usually only do about one note a week. Sometimes instead of a note, I will put a card in the lunchbox. Recently I put a note in his jean pocket...he seemed excited to tell me when he found it at school.

  2. very cute idea. my boys aren't old enough for notes, but knowing me they won't be an everyday thing.

  3. Oh, Cindy. . .I hate making lunches. . .I don't know why, but it is just one of the mom chores that I pass off to the kids as soon as I can. Annika is in 2nd grade and she said the other day "why do I always have to make my own lunch?" Maybe I could still add the note though? Great idea about the questions!

  4. Yes, mine have started to dwindle and I am skipping it most days in the rush. My kids save each one in a zipper in their lunch box and I found a stack in my daughter's drawer from a few years ago...so sweet. You are inspiring me to start it back up and I love the question idea...your note is such a great idea! Thanks for keeping me going!

    p.s. Glad I gave you a laugh this morning, but WHY are you up at 5 am girl??!!

  5. SOOOOOO cute!!! LOVE this idea. You are a wonderful, fantastic, awesome mom!!! :o)

  6. What a wonderful and FUN idea, Cindy, I love it!! Not sure I could really come up with 5 creative questions each week though ... but I'm going to at least give it a try!! Thanks ;-)

  7. Such a cute idea! I do the lunch boxes notes to my husband every once in a while and will definitely do it when Avery is off at school. It's such a sweet thing and I love the question idea! So cute that they noticed and were disappointed. They must really look forward to the notes!

  8. How cute that they said you forgot our note! Of course they care. :)
    My Mom used to write notes and draw pictures on my napkins and I just loved it.

    I love your Q's for them to think about too. Great idea and thanks for sharing.

  9. Great idea Cindy! I'm going to try this. Maybe it will get them to eat more of that sandwich too!!

  10. This is great, I write notes every day to Hayley also but I do tend to feel like I'm running out of things for every day! Asking questions is a great idea! Thanks so much!
    Have a great day!

  11. You are such a good mom Cindy. Thank you for inspiring me. I pack lunches every day and usually put a note with just a heart on it...love this!

  12. Your notes are very sweet and I love that you asked them questions. I have only sent Boyd with one note so far, and it was really to his teachers. I can't wait until he is older and I can send them for him to read. Although, will it embarrass him since he is a boy?! :)

    You are such a sweet, caring mom. The world needs more moms like you, for sure!

    have a good night.

  13. 4:20 am ??!! No I do not think you are crazy, I am in awe! I too get up in time to enjoy a quiet house and a cup of coffee before everyone gets up. What time do you go to bed?