on Sunday Riley and I went on a date to Target.  
it was a quick trip.
pop in and pop out.
but these days I take any opportunity I can to get one of the big girls alone.
and we all know that some of our best conversations 
happen in the car right?

we started reminiscing about our vacation out West
we went in 2008 and it was THE best family vacation EVER!
we flew to Utah and then drove to The Grand Tetons and spent 5 days camping
all of us dream of going back there...someday
{forget it... I dream of LIVING there...someday}

this morning I looked back through the photos from that trip 
oh my goodness they look so little
here are just a few of my favorites

very big into ballet posing in those days:)

see what I mean...

they were pretending to get married

silly Janey with her candy stick

nature's see-saw

love it

love that hat head

real live tears the day we left 

I promise you girls we will go back!

Do you have an all time favorite family vacation?
Enjoy the day,


  1. looks like a fun trip. I guess as of now, my boys would say our trip to Disney would be their favorite

  2. Love the ballet poses and the tears on the last day.

    Unfortunately we don't have any family vacation memories yet.
    Hopefully next summer we'll start that tradition as I love to travel. (With 3 little kids, we'll see how that goes.)

  3. What great pictures! The girls look so little AND cute! Love that last picture!!

    It looks like a beautiful place to vacation! I love seeing where everyone goes on vacation!

  4. Gosh that looks beautiful! We've never been to that part of the country. Boy your girls have grown. Isn't it crazy how fast they grow in just 2 years? As my father always says, "you feed em 3 times a day and they tend to do that!"

  5. Oh my, those pictures are gorgeous and the last one where they are crying just about broke my heart. It's so much fun to reflect on a family trip.

    We haven't taken one yet, just the 3 of us, except to Iowa last summer. I have some other favorites though to Bermuda and Cabo San Lucas and Kauai. I love looking at old photos and remembering!

    ps. thanks for the book suggestion on Simplicity Parenting. I am going to get it for sure!

  6. What a fun trip to a beautiful place. Our favorite family vacations are when we head west also. We go skiing in Colorado. The ballerinas love it.

  7. Oh, Cindy, look how sweet and little they are - not to mention the GORGEOUS scenery!!

    We don't "vacation" much, we mostly use our school vacations to get down to my family in Florida - but 3 years ago I drove there instead (with the girls) and stopped to see every friend I have in between here and there ... it was AMAZING!!

  8. What a great trip, and so beautiful!! It's crazy how fast they grow up! As a kid my favorite trip was a 2 week camping trip to Michigan and Minnesota. We traveled all over and had the best time.

    Hope you make it back there soon!

  9. Cindy,
    What a fun trip. It reminded me of a trip I took not with my girls but when I was little. I loved our trip out west. Thanks for reminding me, tara