wednesday was a really good day
the weather cooled down a bit and
calmed down too
we had crazy winds gusting to 50 mph yesterday
IL sure is windy that's for sure

when Aubrey wakes up first in the morning
I nurse her and then we head upstairs to wake the girls
she loves doing this
she climbs the stairs with such purpose
tries to knock on each of their doors
has the cutest smile on her face
she always climbs up in bed for a quick snuggle
they love seeing her first thing in the morning
it makes being woken up a bit easier I think
who wants to see Mom at 7 in the morning...
cute toddling baby sis...whole different story
I wonder how long that will last?!?

after dropping off the girls at school Aubrey and I played babies
I love to watch her love on them
feed them snack and
put them "nite-nite"
she sure knows how to smother you with love

I never eat lunch out when Dave is home
hardly ever anyway
I think this is my fourth time since he has been out of town
I think I look at it as some type of reward for "time served"
a treat in the middle of my LONG day alone
today I got Panera
it was so yummy
I even put it on a plate

Aubrey had a bagel
and a cereal bar
oh and some of my chips
I can never eat anything even remotely unhealthy in front of her
she always wants some

waving hi

pulled these books out of the archives today
do you have any of these?
saw one at Target yesterday and it reminded me to get them out
we just love them and I forgot how much
they have been ripped and taped more times then I can count
so much to look at and talk about
Riley and Janey took a big trip down memory lane with these this afternoon

see what I mean about climbing???
little nut
I know I should probably move that table
but it's so convenient there
yeah yeah, you're lucky you're so cute and smiley

got this adorable house from a friends garage sale
isn't it the cutest?
Aubrey (and Riley and Janey) just love playing inside
I put it up next to the arm of the chair and the wall
it makes a cozy little hide-out

Aubrey has been making the cutest little noises lately
"de de doo"
"oh oh doo"
it's done in the cutest sing-songy little voice
she sounds just like Blue from Blue's Clues
oh how I loved that show
I think I actually cried when Steve went away to college...

Riley and Janey had church tonight
they eat dinner there with their friends each week
that was a good thing
I only had to provide a nutrious dinner for two
they got to wear their costumes and have a party
oh the excitement....
here is a little sneek peek of Minnie and the Scarecrow

my honey comes home tonight
i am overjoyed
9 days alone is nine days too many

Enjoy the day my friends,


  1. looks like a fun day. and those costumes are very cute

  2. Sounds a lot like my day. I always feel a little excited when I have something GOOD for lunch...that someone else makes? :)
    We had the same house too...and Patrick LOVED it...sometimes I'd catch my 7 year old playing with it too!

  3. Loved looking at your day. And love baby dolls..maybe I should buy one for Griffy?

  4. We have the little people books too...packed away somewhere!
    Aubrey must be the luckiest little sister ever!
    Your lunch looks yummy...good for you for treating yourself when Dave's away. I bet you are so excited he will be home this evening!!! Maybe you should bake him a treat?!
    Enjoy your day....and your night!

  5. geez, Cindy, 9 days really is a long time - hooray for you that you made it!! Aubrey steals my heart, btw, she's precious ...

  6. Love this post! I'm so glad Dave is coming home, finally! Yay. Love the pictures of the girls, as always. They are so very precious. I have never had Panera. I hear it's wonderful! Must go soon. I've never seen those children's books...I need to look for them. Boyd would love that little playhouse. We have watched for one at garage sales but have not found one. We want one, but they are expensive. He has one as school that he just loves!

    ps. About that book you recommended, I feel the same way....pressure if the other person will like it. I can tell just by the title that I will love it. Can't wait to start reading! :)

  7. Wow, 9 days really is a long time! You deserve that yummy Panera. I love that place. And why is it always so much better when someone else makes it?

    Happy Thursday Cindy. :)

  8. How sweet to have a take out lunch with your daughter. I do the same thing when Pete is out of town. I always bargain with myself..waiting as long as I can before pulling the "Let's Dine Out" card!

  9. I love those little people books. We have the boy versions--trucks, etc. Might be time to buy a girl one!

  10. I loved going out to lunch with my daughter before she started school, and Panera was our favorite! Can I just say that 9 days is a really long time!!

  11. I'm glad your hubby is coming home. So is mine. He has only been gone 6 days but I can tell that I am reaching my limit today. I have been a terrible mom, you seem so calm. . .how do you do that?

  12. Love the scarecrow costume!!
    and the story about how Aubrey wakes up her sisters.... so sweet!

  13. So glad to hear your honey is coming home! I know how it feels when they are away for days. :-)
    These pictures are great! Blues Clues was a favorite here too, Steve actually attended my daughter's elementary school! I just thought that was the neatest thing!
    Have a great night!

  14. What a great way to wake up in the moring! So sweet! Avery has the same house and loves it. She loves the mailbox and doorbell especially.