you give fantastic hugs
you pat my back and lay your head on my shoulder and I melt
seriously melt

you make me slow down
you remind me to sit down on the floor and play
really play

you are my snuggly little nurser
you look into my eyes and if I say "I love you"
you come up for a kiss
sweetest kisses ever

you love Raffi music
you love to do patty cake
and sing eieio

you will keep talking till you are heard
you have your sisters wrapped around your little finger
they are so in love with you

you are a climber
you have no fear
no chair or table is safe with you around

you are so squishy and love able
you make me long for just. one. more
and I'm so glad I'm your mama
I love you Aubrey Kate


  1. What a sweet girl that Aubrey is! Your girls all look so different to me...but I think in the last picture, Aubrey looks like Riley!

    Have a great day!

  2. And that is the very reason God gave us these little ones, to remind us of how sweet and precious life is! She is a DOLL!!! Love the pictures.

  3. You and I need another baby. It's just that simple. And while I was away on my retreat last weekend I thought of you..thinking that you would have enjoyed this. If there is ever one in your area I encourage you to go!

  4. Aw, this is just so sweet ... it's got my hormones in a twist, wishing and pining for a baby in the house ... for all the sweet reasons you wrote about!! Lucky you, I'm so glad that you're savoring every minute!!

  5. What fun pictures and its great to make a list of all the things that we love about these little people that God has blessed us with!

    She is adorable!! One of my favorite ages, those kissable cheeks!

  6. Adorable! I can soooo relate to the "one more." Probably my biggest regret. Oh well! Hug her tight and hug her often my friend.

  7. So sweet! Treasure these moments, you know how quickly they pass by!

  8. ps...I just ordered the book, Simplicity Parenting. Can't wait to get it. Thanks for the recommendation!

  9. You're still nursing too? You and me and Pam. Old moms hanging onto their babies.
    My wish for you is another--because I know it's yours.

  10. Such a beautiful love letter. Aubrey will be able to read this some day and truly know how much she was loved.

  11. I love sweet baby kisses and snuggles, they are the best! What an adorable, sweet girl!