anyone else having extreme difficulty uploading photos???
it keeps locking up on me
this is quite frustrating!!!

I quit..
I'm heading to the sofa with my ice-cream
Dave is still out of town.....
and I can't even waste hours upon hours blogging!!:)

enjoy the night,


  1. I wish I could be of help..maybe by morning it will work itself out. Go to sleep!

  2. Oh no... my Mom was having issues with pictures but now she's not. Hope you figure it all out!

  3. Cindy- I was really starting to get nervous that there was something going on with my computer and was too scared to even ask my husband to look at it...I hope it is something with Blogger! I have been having a little trouble on and off since late last week maybe..? Grrr. I hate computer problems, I am clueless!

  4. Mmmmm ice cream sounds good! Your honey will be home soon...hang in there Cindy!

    I was just about to write a post...but maybe I'll wait until tomorrow...I'm too tired to deal with blogger uploading problems!

    Good night!

  5. Yes!!!! I just posted earlier today how I had run out of storage for my pictures also and had to purchase space. Crazy! Plus can only load one at a time and sometimes they disapear etc. I know exactly what you're saying.
    Hope it gets better for you. Enjoy that ice cream sounds good!

  6. I can't upload anything in Safari, I have to use Firefox for it to work but them I have no problems. Ice cream sounds yummy! Hope you enjoyed it! : )