{Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow}

Aubrey and I went to the mall for a little shopping and lunch
we sat near the carousel in the food court
I thought she would enjoy watching it
but when it started up
she touched her head (her sign for a noise)
made a funny face
and started to cry a bit
poor thing
I wrapped my arms around her
after a few times watching it go around
she was getting used to it
and even smiled
we visited the puppies
got some new jammies
and waved bye-bye to everything as we walked out
it was a good day

Riley woke up first around 7:00
she said she wanted to do something with just me
so we did a puzzle
don't you love that feeling when you pick up a piece
and know right where to put it without even thinking?
she told me she was happy it was the weekend
I forget how much they need the weekend too

I made waffles for breakfast {see tonight's dessert in the background}
everyone loved them
I think it's time we upgrade to a bigger model
it took forever
we have had this one since before Riley was born

we tried taking a picture of the four of us after breakfast
poor Janey kept getting squeezed out
I guess I need a bigger lap
or longer arms:)

we went to the mall again
I know I know
but it was rainy and cold and
my hubby is out of town darn it and
I wanted Sbarro pizza
we hit the candy store too
Riley got colored Tootsie Rolls
Janey got these milk dud thingies
I was good
but that was only because I have a stash of Kit Kats
at home

the girls did some art and
played in the basement
Aubrey and I did laundry
we all went outside after the sun came out

dinner was quick and easy and
Aubrey went down well at 6:45

the girls and I had a movie night complete with buttered popcorn
we watched How To Train Your Dragon

what a great movie
we got it from redbox
have you ever tried redbox before??
totally cool!
{last night was actually our first time
I got It's Complicated ...awesome...love Meryl Strep}

we are going to skip church
it takes two grown-ups to do church these days
one to sit in church with the big girls and
one to follow Aubrey around the narthex
the girls want to go to Sunday School though
I am happy about that
I could use the break

Dave will definitely not be home tomorrow
like he first thought
total bummer

I am going to try very hard to take things easy
smile more
laugh more
go outside more
snuggle more
plan some really good take-out for dinnner

I don't know what else tomorrow will bring
I am hoping for good things

hope your saturday was great!
enjoy the night,


  1. ahhh....sounds like a great weekend so far. i wondered how that movie (How To...) was, I'll have to get it for Family Movie Night soon. And "It's Complicated" ...LOVEd that movie, I love Alec Baldwin and Meryl Streep, definitely a cute/funny movie worth seeing again. enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. My favorite thing about that picture with you and all 3 girls is the way you're looking at them! The love just oozes through :)

  3. Both of your movie choices sound PERFECT for a dreary gray Saturday - and brownies for dessert?! Well done!! Sounds like the perfect weekend to me!!

  4. sounds like a good start to a busy weekend. it's always harder when Daddy is away

  5. Oh what a cute post. I love those pics of you and your girls too.

    I went to the mall last night (I hardly go) and it was SOOOOO crowded! I couldn't even shop because I could not stand it!

    Sounds like your mall outings were more fun.

    I loved It's Complicated!! Great movie!

    Hope your Sunday is nice.

  6. Good advice on the movie. . .David is out of town too, so we skipped church today. It was rainy and cold and my bed felt so warm. . .

    Maybe we will hit redbox today!

    We went to the mall for the first time in like a year. . .it used to be our standard fall back plan in the winter, but now we live 50 minutes from the closest mall. . .ouch!

  7. Can I tell you how much I love reading you? I know life isn't perfect, but you have such a gift for focusing on positive and little. Thanks.

  8. I LOVE the pictures of your girls & you. You are just a fantastic mom! :o) Glad you got some Sbarro pizza. Sounds delicious. Have a great week!

  9. My kind of weekend! I must say... I am so impressed at how you handle a weekend without your husband with joy and even ease! I'll try to remember your weekend when I'm doing the mom thing tomorrow night without daddy home. Great pictures!

  10. sounds like a pretty good weekend to me. waffles and brownies and sbarro pizza and the candy store? come on it doesn't really get any better than that.

    church and things can be tough as a single parent. makes you appreciate your husband all the more, doesn't it?

  11. I have yet to see it's complicated! love the photos and what a great weekend! (Griffy did awesome without me for 2 days by the way...and I wasn't home 5 min. and I was nursing him..I think I missed it more than him)!

  12. great way to wrap up a weekend post... =) I really want to see that movie...no interest from my kids... but I think it will suck them in... ha ha!! we love cuddles, puzzles, puppies and chocolate... what a lovely weekend...or y, t & t.... =)