{A Day With Janey}

I told you the weekend felt like a whirl-wind
probably because Friday felt like one too
I am the co-room mom for both girls classes this year
I know, what was I thinking
less is supposed to be more right
but I have cut down my school volunteering in other areas
so I guess that's ok right?!?

Friday was the Halloween parade and parties
the parade is a big deal at our school
I'm not kidding
people start lining up at 12 for a l:45 parade
when I pulled up at 1:15 to get a parking spot
{and I was blessed with one right up front, as a sweet little old lady pulled out of the community center...she probably thought "what in the world is going on"... thank you God!}
it felt like New York on Thanksgiving morning.....

Janey had such a great time at her party
we paraded
we ate "Boo Cups"
we bobbed for apples on a string
we pinned the nose on the jack-o-lantern
we yelled Bingo

that girl can find joy in anything
she has a smile on her face almost always
she is really a blessing

after a whirlwind party day (Dave and Aubrey went to Riley's)
and way too much sugar
Janey and I headed to her Daisy Family Cookout

you can tell from our attire
it was cold
I wish I could have gotten better pictures
we did so many fun things
flashlight hike
roasted hot dogs (Janey doesn't like hot dogs so she just ate 4 buns!)
made smores
practiced lummi sticks
made edible campfires
made a Halloween picture frame

I loved spending this time with just Janey
sometimes our life gets so busy
{and we really are not that busy so I don't know how those families who really are busy do it}
and I forget to take time to just be with the girls
really just enjoying the moment
as the mom I always feel like I am
"driving the routine" as I like to call it
do you ever feel like that?
moving them from one part of your day to the next
from breakfast to school to homework to showers to bed
at the end of the day I stop and think
"when did we just flop on the couch together"?
I am all about routines and I think they are so important
without them, I think in the end you really end up with less time together
but finding that balance is something I struggle with
the balance between driving the routine and finding time to just be
I guess it is really just about those stolen moments
grabbing them when you can
a chat in the car
an extra snuggle at night
a weekend date

How do you find that balance?
Enjoy the day,

sorry...didn't plan on this post going there...I guess the end could have been a post on it's own! :)


  1. sounds like a fun day. its so important to give each little one a bit of their own time

  2. Cindy, I think you do a fabulous job of finding the moments. . .that's why I like reading your blog it reminds me to slow down and not try and do so much.

    I think we all struggle with being "mom", the one who keeps things moving and keeps everyone responsible and still being "mommy"!

  3. Oh yes, Cindy, the topic of routines could definitely be a whole post of its own (or several!) ... and there are definitely some periods of time where it all compresses into a back to back nightmare - those times really stress me out ... I swear, Halloween has become Christmas's close cousin!

    We're having a crazy week right now ... our party on the 30th, trick or treat on 31st, back to back soccer games into the evening on 1st and 2nd, and now plans tonight as well ... in the words of jerry seinfeld: serenity now! At least I have comfort in knowing that our lives aren't like that every single day, this is just an anomaly - as of this weekend, we'll all be back to "chill-axing" as my daughter calls it ... and I CAN'T WAIT!!

    You'll have that too, I know you will ... just look at the title of your blog ;-)

  4. Oh balance, that elusive goal for us all. For me, I am trying not to put too much pressure on having everything 100% every day. So what if every load of laundry isn't finished? So what if I just opened a can of soup for dinner? We need our down time at home and are all better for it!

    P.s. Have I told you how cute your blog is looking?

  5. Cindy it really does sound like you do a great job finding time to just be with your kids. It's something I think we all wish we were more conscious of trying to do it more often. But it's the fact you do it that counts. It's clear from your blog how much you love your little girls. It really is.

    Have a great day. :)

  6. Cindy, that balance can be hard to find. I struggle with this daily, some days more than others. I think just being aware of it is the most important thing. We do the best we can right? From what I can tell you're doing a great job!

  7. Cindy, I would have to agree with Gabe...you do a wonderful job of keeping yourself balanced and finding those special moments...and that's why I too enjoy reading your blog.

    Balance is a hard one...we are often busy and running here and there. I am fortunate to be home alone all day, so I try and get all my work done so that I'm more fun to live with when the guys get home. However, you know, there are some things that just keep us moms buys....dinner, homework, baths, etc. I also try really hard to keep 1 weekend day for NO PLANS...our family operates best when we have that downtime together.

  8. Looks like a fun time!

  9. That's so cool that your kids get to dress up at school for Halloween. Our public schools don't allow any costumes any more and it makes me sad. Looks like a fun class party, you all had some great activities!

    I think you do a great job at balancing it all but it can be tricky to keep the routine and still enjoy the moments. Life just gets away from you sometimes!