{A Good Day}

thursday was a good day
it started at one of my favorite places
so it had to be good right?
after dropping the girls off at school
Aubrey and i headed to Panera for breakfast
i think Aubrey might love Panera almost as much as i do
all I have to say in the car is "do you want to go get a muffie?" 
and i get a very enthusiastic "ah yeah yeah yeah"
that is her new way of saying yes and it is just the sweetest
makes me want to grant her every wish
just to hear those little words

we tried it without a highchair this time
i think she loved the freedom
of almost being able to climb on top of the table

then we headed to Kohl's to look for jammies for the girls
we always give them a new pair on Christmas Eve
i usually wait too long to get them and they are picked over
or the sizes are wrong
this year was going to be different...
this year i have a 17 month old in the carrier which makes hunting for the perfect pair of jammies
practically impossible
i will try again 

Aubrey woke up after 7 today so we decided to visit Janey for lunch
now that Aubrey is only taking one nap
and going down between 12-12:30
we don't get to visit the girls for lunch as much as i would like 
we had the chance so we jumped all over it

it was great to surprise her
wish i had a picture of her face when she saw us
you know that whole saying..."Do your eyes light up when they walk into the room..."
well hers did
and that made me so happy
it was a great lunch together
but a sad good-bye
that always breaks my heart and makes me wonder if i should still keep coming
i think i should and that eventually it won't be so hard

ended the day with my honey 
on the sofa
watching food tv
and a mug of edy's mint chocolate chip ice-cream 
of course

thursday felt a whole lot less busy 
and that was a good thing

Hope your Friday is a fantastic one,
Enjoy the day,


  1. That really IS a good day ... I especially like the ice cream on the couch ending ;-)

  2. sounds like a good day. hope you get some time alone to shop for the jammies soon

  3. LOVE how you capture all the good things in your life daily! LUCKY girls you have! :o)

  4. Sounds like a super day!
    I too love how you capture little moments. So often we have good days and then forget about them...but you have them all nice and tidy in your blog! :)
    We have the same tradition on Christmas Eve....oh how I love traditions!! I've been searching for PJ's...my go to places are usually Target (got the cutest Christmas ones last year for 3.99! I also like Children's Place and Gap. But, not this year! The boys selection is not so good!
    Have a super weekend!

  5. A less busy day is definitely a GOOD thing! Sounds like you had a really good one. I'm so glad.

    That is my favorite ice cream flavor. Yum. Ok, you've never had a tamale, I've never eaten at Panera. I hear it's so good, so I will go and eat there and think of you! :))

  6. You just described my perfect day!!! Love Panera. Love lunch at school, hate leaving her sad face, love icecream after the girls are tucked in at night! Have a great weekend, tara

  7. sounds like a great thursday to me. can't wait to see how your weekend unfolded for you.
    can you believe thanksgiving is this week?

  8. That is a good day! I love going out to eat with Avery. So fun and such good girl bonding time for us (even though we spend all day together, those little dates are different).