feel like there is not much to say today
actually there is tons to say
i just don't have any photos to go with it
which brings me to my number one subject i guess

my camera
are you tired of hearing me complain about my camera yet
i'm a little tired of hearing myself complain about my camera
i have been doing my research and my plan
is to really check the sales after Thanksgiving and possibly
take the plunge then
i really worry about getting  a new camera and then having zero time to play with it and learn about it
my hope is that it will be so much more fun to take pictures that I will make the time?!?!?:)

Aubrey loves to play in the cabinets
it is really quite cute
the only bad thing is you know those foamy little disks
to keep your cabinets closing somewhat quietly?
well mine are all gone
i have the noisiest kitchen ever
but if I can't find her sippy cup it is the first place I look

i have been working a lot on typing up routines in our house the last few days
i got a lot of my inspiration here
i am not really a big "check it off" kind of mom
{not that that's bad, it's just not me}
i don't like a lot of systems and rewards
i think children should do what they are supposed to do
because they are supposed to do it (said in a motherly voice)
not for a reward
but that being said, i do think there are times when a little change is good
something new to inspire
and get the juices flowing
i am hoping this check-off routine system will be just that
{you can see we just started last night}

i am hoping it will lessen the amount of time we all have to hear my voice
and taking the responsibility for what they get done
i want the responsibility back into their hands
where it belongs
there is no reward to earn
no big prize at the end of the week
just  a way to see what needs to be done on any given day
and hopefully inspiration to get there
wouldn't it be kind of cool to see what one we typed up for ourselves would look like?
i think i would need legal paper and really small font  for sure

i know Riley will thrive with this
she loves lists and things to check off
she gets that from me
Janey will love it too
just not quite as much

speaking of Janey
we finally convinced her to let us throw her jack-o-lantern out
the poor thing looked like a really old man with no teeth
it was a bit embarrassing on the front porch
she cried real tears and we assured her it would not go into the land-fill but
rather it would decompose into the earth to help other plants and animals grow
she has such a heart of gold

busy planning two classroom parties today
need to get my letters out to the parents soon
i love being room mom
but it makes the already busy holidays
seem even busier

i really do not like that word
it doesn't even sound good when you say it
i refuse to use that word to much this season
i am determined to have a simple
low-key kind of holiday
i will not stress over minute details
instead i will focus on the big picture and the little things
that bring me joy

Have a Thankful Thursday and
Enjoy the day,


  1. I love the idea of the plastic sleeves. . .I tried to implement such an idea here and couldn't come up with an easy way to show all 5 kids their charts. . .seeing yours have the ideas churning.

    Have a good (not busy) day.

  2. I have the exact picture of Hyrum and Evie in the cupboard earlier this week. Posting it tomorrow. Must be their age!
    Good luck on "Not Busy." I'm trying too.

  3. Love this post! The picture of your husband comforting Janey just MELTS my heart!

    Funny you mentioned those white foamy things that make the cabinets quiet....Boyd crawled out of the tub yesterday, opened the cabinets and took those off, then came into the office and said, "mommy what is this"??? I just tossed them, so now we have noisy cabinets too! :)))

    I hope you take the plunge and get yourself the camera you are dreaming of. It's totally worth it.

    I like your new check-off chore system. I think pretty much like you do regarding all of that.

    have a good day!

  4. i promise I'm not stalking you! :)

    replied to your comment on my blog but just wanted to say thanks for the sausage suggestion! we will use that next time in the casserole. yum!

  5. hope you have a great day today. I too have lost all the foam things off my cabinets, drives me crazy, but I've yet to replace them.

  6. I say go for the camera! once you learn the very basics of operating your camera, you will be so happy with your pictures, i promise! : )
    and your little sweetie is totally worth some noisy cabinets! ; D

  7. Good luck with the camera purchase. I felt the same way, and it was so much money that I wanted to make sure I got it right. But I love mine {Canon Rebel} and I am having fun playing around. One day I will take a class. I hope your new system works - it is something I can discuss my way out of ever starting. So good for you that you are tackling it with the girls.

  8. Oh, and that is sweet that your daughter feels so passionately! My daughter gets that way about our Christmas trees.

  9. I loved catching up over here!
    Love babies in cabinets...and really dislike being busy!
    What a sweet heart with the rotting pumpkin.
    Good luck with the routine charts.
    We need to develope this system.

  10. I'm feeling very busy lately too...pulled in many directions. It's not how I want to feel heading into the holidays...so I need to do something about that.
    Aubrey looks so cute sitting in the cupboard...I think we probably all have a picture like that somewhere! We have had one missing white thingy too...I'm sure it's the easiest fix...but we just keep letting it go!
    I love the picture too of Dave and Janey. So sweet!

  11. haha, Cindy, we had the same drama over our soft and rotten jack-o-lanterns - oh the tears!! I'm room mom, too - for my 4th grader. We're doing our holiday stuff next week, so I'm in the process of recruiting volunteers, too ... *sigh* ...

    Little Aubrey's froggy pj's are precious, btw, I love them!!

  12. Precious pics. I too have been contemplating a new camera. Hard choices there are so many! Trying to find one that's great for capturing action shots.
    Have a great night.

  13. Which camera are you leaning towards? It takes some getting used to lugging the big thing around, but once you start to see your pictures come alive you will be thrilled. :)

  14. I'm not a big 'check it off' mom either, but I might need to give it a try around here again. My boys seem to really enjoy the structure of it.

    My second son would be just like your Janey...in tears over throwing away the rotting pumpkin. I loved seeing the picture of your husband comforting her. What a sweet dad he is.

  15. Poor Janey. That is just too cute. You have to remember to tell her that story when whe gets older.
    I LOVE your schedule! I've been meaning to do the same for awhile now.
    Love the "not busy" philosophy :)

  16. Hey Cin...Boy the girls look great...and Happy Birthday to Dave. Bummer about Olive Garden! But when you've got Dave at home...it's like eating out every night!

  17. Poor Janey but what a sweetheart! Love the picture of Aubrey, so cute! The plastic sleeve on the responsibilities chart is a great idea. Can't wait to hear if you got that new camera!