happy monday folks!
how did you greet the day?
ready to take on the world

or ready to climb back in bed???

i feel like I am ready to take on the world
do you ever have those days when you seriously wish there were 5 of you????
(not quite sure my family would agree!)
but i sure do wish there were more me's running around here right now
more me's to get all the things done I want to accomplish
i feel like my mind is running 60 mph
and with just little ol' me driving
i can only go about 10

i am starting to feel the holiday crunch I guess
I always feel the biggest urge to seriously nest around a holiday

get my priorities in order
and fast
chaos is a comin'

i finally got to my floors today
i try to vac and mop on mondays and fridays
it seems the last few mondays and fridays
someone has woken up early
i get to the vac part
but sadly not the mop part
i was seriously thinking i was going to be turned in for some dank floor reality show
not kidding!

any great ideas for cleaning wood floors?
i just get on my hands and knees and wipe with a hot rag and vinegar
i love when the girls are home and they can help too
we have a contest to see who's rag is the dirtiest
can you say YUCK!

the girls and i did a tad bit of shopping this weekend
we made a list
had our cash in hand
and did exactly what we planned
it was seriously fun

i love to buy gifts
thinking of something someone will love
getting the best deal
and then wrapping it up pretty

speaking of wrapping it up pretty
any of you have a Meijer in your area?
Katie Brown has quite a few new lines going in there these days
today while grocery shopping with Dave and Aubrey
i stumbled into the Christmas section
bad news!!!
totally gorgeous and
totally me

we celebrated my honey's birthday this weekend!!!!!
i seriously love this guy and am so happy to be sharing this journey of life with him

what do you do for a guy who does all the cooking on his birthday?
you bake some seriously awesome chocolate cupcakes

{this was my "I don't want to stop eating raw batter" face}

and then go out to dinner of course
we went to Olive Garden
usually I am pretty mellow and easy to please at a restaurant
well maybe not totally
but if you bring us lots of bread
talk nicely to my girls
and get us the check quick i am all good
this dinner out was the absolute worst!!!!
the service was bad
it took forever
and the food was just so-so

i left the smallest tip in my life
thank goodness we had a $25 gift card and the girls each had a free children's entree Q
they had gotten from school
or I would have been really bummed
i just hate paying a lot of money for food
and we don't go out that often
so i want it to be great
i have to say though the girls did awesome
they were patient
and did an amazing job helping us keep Aubrey happy
that part really made me smile
{Janey's card...Dear Ol Dad, Dad Ol Dear, you are better then iced root beer!
see his University of Miami shirt???}

we had a totally awesome dinner tonight
baked potato soup
image from link

one of my all time favorites
especially when my honey makes it
and i don't have to wait for slow servers:)

hope your monday was marvelous
filled with smiles
and a little bit of something yummy
Enjoy the night,


  1. Our last trip to Olive Garden was bad too :(
    I'm also in the throw away, reorganize, get organized kind of mood. I agree there's something about the holidays that does it!
    That soup looks REALLY good. I think I'll have to give it a try.

  2. Love your post! Happy birthday to your sweet hubby!

    I am SO not a fan of Olive Garden. After I heard that the food is not prepared fresh there at the restaurants, I kind of lost interest. I imagine I won't eat there again.

    Love your fun weekend and your sweet family and all of the pictures!

  3. ps. I get that nesting/urge to clean out and purge during the holidays. Mostly because I know Boyd will be getting new toys! Plus I just like everything to be clean and cozy.

    We don't have wood floors, but lots of tile. I run the vacuum over the tile first, then I use damp paper towels and "dance" over the floors! I love to see how much dirt I picked up.

  4. don't you hate when you have a great dinner out planned and the restaurant screws up the mood? hope the holiday craziness turns into the holiday joy for you soon

  5. Looks like Dave had a great birthday! Sorry to hear Olive Garden wasn't so good this time. We never go there because the line/wait is always so long. Hubby and I did meet for soup/salad lunch last spring and that was really good.
    I have a post ready to go today for my potato corn chowder...but now I'm kind of embarrassed to post my picture...b/c your picture looks way more appetizing!! Maybe I will steal it! ;)
    What is Triple D?

  6. We've had a couple bad trips to Olive Garden in a row and haven't gone back for a while. But that stinks it was for a birthday celebration, you always want those to go smoothly.

    My favorite part of Christmas is giving the gifts. I always have a hard time coming up with what I want but no problem writing my shopping list.

  7. we do the same with our wood floors..it's the only way to really get them clean. And YUCK to Olive Garden!!

  8. Looks like a funfilled weekend. Love the birthday picture of dad with his 3 girls!

  9. I love the OG... so sad!! =) Happy Birthday to the hubby!! yes... I am feeling that crunch too... wondering how on earth I am going to pull off going into high gear... with home schoolin... naughty puppy... kids activities ... a messy house ... multiple chiro appointments and well...blogging!! ha ha!! YIKES! =) Oh... and I love potato soup!! =) hm... dinner...

  10. Me again! :)

    No girl, you did not hurt my feelings at all! I was trying to write more to your comment, but Boyd kept me BUSY! haha. He was doing 8 ish during the summer, but we'd been able to back it to 7 ish lately. I do love your advice always though! I think I do need to back his bedtime up a bit more and get him down at 7 sharp. Seems like he still wakes no matter when, so giving me the extra time in the evenings would be great! Plus, as you know, he's not as fussy when he is well rested.

    Please don't ever think you hurt my feelings. I love our chats and believe me, I NEED lots of mommy advice. I am still winging it most days. :))

    Have a good day!

  11. potato soup.... YUM!!! Hope your husband had a great birthday!

    I'm over the Olive Garden too!

  12. I haven't been to olive garden for over 10 years! Not a fan. Looks like you all had a wonderful birthday weekend! How lovely!I too am feeling the crunch of the holidays :-) Tis the season...lol
    Have a great night!

  13. sorry that the birthday dinner was a bust - of course, you've got the bar set pretty high from what I can tell of your man in the kitchen ;-) I mean, seriously, that baked potato soup in the last photo?! I'm making that the next chance i get, I can't wait!!

    Happy Birthday to hubby, btw, I love the card that Janey made!!

    PS - I clean wood floors the exact same way as you, wish I had something easier and magical to say ... but hey, it works!