ok...I couldn't keep you guessing a minute longer
{it's so funny that so many of you immediately thought pg...I told Dave that would happen:)}

yes it is true
i finally got that new camera I have been dreaming of
i used Christmas money from my parents and money we had been saving and said
Just Do It
i didn't think the sales would get any better
and sams had a pretty good deal going
so we went for it

i got it the day before Thanksgiving and you would think
that my pictures of the special day would have been breathtaking
candid shots of wonderful memories
great food pictures
everyone snuggled around the table
but by the time i informed the big two that "no, they could no play with this one"
and convinced the little one that her Fisher Price camera was way more fun
the moment had passed
and I got nothin'!
well a few
but still...

you know how when you have been saving for something
and dreaming of it
and then you finally get it
you somehow expect your whole life to change?
well, maybe not your whole life,
but you know what I mean

i am still waiting for that big change!!
i know that it is going to take time
and i am ready to do the work and learn
i know the key is going to be to pick it up everyday and

so that is what i will do
i would love some insight and advice from all my great
photographing geniuses out there:)
i would much rather learn from friends
then from some boring ol' book any day

Hope your Tuesday is terrific,
Enjoy the day,

Aubrey update...fever went up a bit in the evening
but she slept through the night
hopefully today she is smiling when she hugs her elmo!


  1. hope your little one woke feeling more herself. I'm sure you will have fun while you adjust to the learning curve of your new toy.

  2. Yay for you! Did you take the picture of Aubrey yeserday with your new camera? I swear when I saw that I thought you took a really clear picture!! Just in time for all those holiday photos!
    Thanks for making me the only one left with a crappy camera out here in blogland!:)

  3. WOOOO HOO! Congrats Cindy! You are going to have so much fun. Give learning it some time though. Like you I too thought everything would change the moment I got my SLR and it took me about one year to say I no longer shoot in automatic mode!

    Which camera did you get?

    I HIGHLY reccomen the classes at jessicasprague.com. I took both photog classes. They are online and you do them as you have time. Oh Shoot is the name of the first class and I can not even explain how wonderful the teacher is and how much I learned! That and her Portraiture class changed my life!

    Happy shooting Cindy!
    And like you said, pick it up everyday, and just take pictures.
    Oh, I also bought the Nikon D60 for Dummies book too when I got my camera (not sure which one you bought but there is probably a book) and it was SUPER helpful too!!

  4. Lucky girl! I can't wait to watch you master it.

  5. Congratulations!! I have the Nikon D70 that my Dad gave me two years ago when he upgraded to the Nikon D90 (I felt sooo lucky!) I love my camera, but i'm still trying to learn. That's actually on my to do list today. The pioneer woman has some great info for beginners. I'm also planning on checking out jessicasprague.com as Genn suggested. Enjoy it and have fun.

  6. WOW, congrats on the new camera, Cindy - it's great!! An SLR can't change your life in one day, they're way too complicated - I'm still working on it a year later ... but you'll get there, and I can't wait to see!!! YAY!!

  7. I am so excited for you about your new camera. Cameras make me HAPPY! :)

    I am going to check out the classes that Genn recommended too.

    I say take tons and tons. I am still learning my SLR camera, 2 years in, but it's one of the best purchases we ever made. Eventually you may want a new lens or two. That makes a world of difference. My best suggestion.....shoot in as much natural light as possible. No flash! When photographing your kids, get on their level, sit, squat, whatever. Zoom in on items and remove clutter. Those are just a few of my tips. Not that I have many yet.

    I only dabble in professional pics on the side, but Sunday I took pics...I shot 900 and got about 80 that are GOOD. :)

    My best pictures are taken when I'm relaxed and not thinking too hard.

    But really, every picture is perfect when you really love it!


  8. and yes, try shooting in other modes besides auto.

    Read your manual at least a couple of times.

    ok. enough from me. :)

  9. Lucky you! I'm hoping santa brings me one too! LOL Enjoy!

  10. Yea! I am learning, but hope to take a class after the holidays. I turn the flash off and take lots and lots and hope for a few good ones. Good luck and have fun!

  11. glad your little one is sleeping again, that always makes things a little easier!

    the camera. . .to die for!!

    Glad you just went for it!

  12. Whoohooo! I'm so psyched for you! I know you really wanted one. I can't tell from the picture which one you decided on.

    Don't worry. Give it time. You're spot on...take pictures every day. That is what's going to teach you the most.

    Enjoy your new toy!

  13. Yeah! so happy for you! You'll have so much fun with it. Looks like you got a Nikon?? Love mine!

  14. Cindy, your new camera will lead you on new adventures! have fun & experiment & hope your little one gets better soon! Enjoy them because the time will fly by. I just wrote a post about my previous Christmas cards..time does fly! hugs, Cathy

  15. congrats on the camera purchase - I am still saving up for mine! enjoy and look forward to more pictures :)

  16. Thanks friends!
    I knew you would share in my giddy camera joy!!:)

    Yes I did take that picture of Aubrey with my new camera...you have a good eye. Not quite sure why Elmo was glowing neon red though!

    I got the Nikon D3100. I have been trying really hard to take pictures every day. Not so easy with a toddler who keeps trying to get it out of my hands every time she sees it!:) I am going to look into those classes, I think a class with a great teacher would help me a ton!

    I am going to check out PW too. If Dave can use her for recipes, I can use her for photo tips right!!:)

    Thanks for the tips, I knew you would have a ton! Getting on their level is a good one. I feel like a real pro when I crawl around and shoot really fast! Too bad the pictures aren't very "pro like"!!:)

    Turning off the flash makes a huge difference! I still have not figured out how to turn off the flash, and still be in other modes other then automatic...need to look at that manual again. It kind of stinks that I had to download it. I would love to curl up on the sofa with it and a highlighter!

    Thanks everyone else for all of your congrats!!
    Enjoy the day!

  17. Oh yay!! So exciting... I need to click on the pic to see what it is!?! I really want a Rebel now that blogging has inspired me to dive into my photography dream a bit more... but I am just going to have to wait... =) Congrats!!