We had a wonderful week with my parents. They braved the 12+ hour drive from GA and arrived right after school on Monday.  The girls were so excited to play in the basement with Mimi and Poppy.  They were also looking forward to walking Goldie and Maggie, their Golden Retrievers and show them our new park...too bad the weather wasn't cooperating with those plans.

Tuesday Janey had a Thankful For You program at school.  Each child invited someone they were thankful for, wrote them a letter and then read it aloud to the class.  Janey invited Mimi and Poppy and she loved showing off her classroom.  We all got a giggle when she read her letter out loud...she explained to everyone how she loved it when they visited, when they got to walk the dogs together and when they played poker!!!!! Poppy says she's learning early.:)

We prepared a bit for the big meal the night before.  Riley's job each year is to make the cranberry compote and Janey is in charge of the pumpkin bread. They both take their jobs in the kitchen very seriously (hmmm....I wonder where they get that from) and they did a wonderful job.

Dave made the most delicious meal on Thanksgiving.
smoked turkey
cornbread and sausage stuffing
mashed potatoes
peas au grautin
and popovers
Every single bit of it was oh so yummy
So sorry this was the only picture I took.
I'll blame it on new camera shock!

When my parents are here for Thanksgiving and traveling to my brother's for Christmas, they usually like to give the girls their presents early.  Part of the joy of giving is getting to see their faces right?
What do you think?  
Did she love her Elmo surprises or what?

We were all surprised with Aubrey's next gift.
My mom has made a quilt for every grandchild
and Aubrey's was just as beautiful as the rest.

{note to self...no more photographs in front of the fireplace...why do we always sit there to open gifts??}

The girls loved their...
American Girl surprises
hand made lunch box napkins
new wallets filled with gift cards
and stationary and stickers

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving and early Christmas!
Thanks Mimi and Poppy!
We really enjoyed your visit.

thanks to everyone for your oh so sweet comments about my new camera.
I have left a comment for you on my previous post
you guys are awesome!!:)


  1. sounds like the perfect Thanksgiving to me ... right down to the menu - yum!

  2. sounds like a fun visit. I bet the girls love having Christmas right after Thanksgiving, what a fun way to stretch out the holiday season

  3. What a wonderful holiday. Loved hearing about it and seeing the pictures. The quilt is beautiful! You and your mom look so much alike. So pretty! :)

    ps. Kevin's family has always done the fondue thing at Christmas too. They do Christmas eve, but it extends into Christmas day. They never cook a real meal. I have tried to carry it on for him some years. You will LOVE it. :)

  4. I love the look of suprise on Aubrey's face in that one picture! Sounds like a perfect visit with your parents!
    I am really really curious (ok, maybe nosey) about the homemade napkins?!
    The quilt is so cute....maybe your mom should have a blog?! :)

  5. How fun! I love spreading Christmas out and giving them a chance to really focus on a few things at a time! Quilts are the best presents ever! And I keep hearing about these Squinkles or whatever they are called!

  6. How wonderful that they braved the long long drive. Wonderful Grandparents indeed! Your daughters are making me feel sentimental. It take me back about five years. Those five six years make such a difference. Enjoy your time.

  7. that bird looks fantastic! i think i'm craving another TG dinner! it looks like you had a wonderful holiday!

  8. love that photo of Aubrey opening the book. . .priceless!

    We love handmade quilts too. . .we think they keep you a little warmer than store bought ones and it is so nice to get them!

  9. oh my goodness....aubrey's face when she opened Elmo is priceless!!! homemade quilts...lucky girls!!!

  10. Sounds perfect. NOTHING better than an early Christmas present in my book!

  11. I'm glad we opened the presents early. There's nothing like seeing those smiling faces in person. Why is it we never take a group photo when we visit????????

  12. Thanks guys, it was a great day!

    My mom made the girls homemade two-sided napkins out of the most beautiful coordinating fabric. They love bringing them in their lunch boxes. You can see them in Janey's hand in the big photo.

    Not sure why we never take a good group picture. Too busy making the memories to capture them I guess. :)

  13. I love visits from family like that. And that turkey looks amazing! Makes me want to eat some again.

  14. Sounds like such a wonderful time! Hand made quilts how delightful! The pictures are really great! Have a good night!


  15. Looks like the perfect Thanksgiving. What a wonderful idea to have a little Christmas with your family since they are already there! Congratulations on your new camera. It's a beauty! I know that books are no fun but I highly, highly loved and if you want to take great pictures of your kids, get and read (wait, I have to run upstairs to look it up) Photographing Children: Photo Workshop (Ginny Felch, Allison Tyler, Jones) I read and reread it over and over and taught myself so much. It's a great one!