i try really hard to instill a spirit of thankfullness in our girls
looking at all we have
instead of always wanting more
we should be thankful all the time right?
not just during a certain time of year
but there is something about this season
that really gets my thankful spirit soaring

this year we are trying something new
a thankful thoughts garland

something to hang over our fireplace
a daily reminder of all the many things we have to be thankful for

we just started last night but we already have quite a collection

everything from our home to the earth made the list
we plan on working on these each night 
after seeing the excitement it generated last night
i have a feeling we are going to need more room

What do you do to stay thankful in your home?
Want to try a Thankful Thoughts Garland with us?
Enjoy the day,


  1. I'm in the process of making a thankful project with my boys today. we painted leaves and are going to write what they are thankful for on the back. great project

  2. Love this! we usually do a poster, but I like this idea! Thanks for sharing, we will have to do this on our mantle too. :-)
    Have a great afternoon.

  3. What a great idea! I think I'm going to try this too.

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  5. We have a thankful project started too!! though I am behind by too many days now... I wanted to start it Nov 1!! =) Love your new header pics!

  6. New header = awesome!

    We often say one thing we are thankful for at the dinner table. One year I made a tree and we hung leaves and wrote on them things we were thankful for. LOVE your garland idea...although you have some little artists in your house...so ours would not be as pretty to look at!
    I'm thankful to know YOU!

  7. I LOVE this idea & how neat it looks on your fireplace. Have I mentioned you're a wonderful mom? Well, you are just spectacular. Your girls are very lucky. Great idea. I am thankful for the inspiration from your blog. :o)

  8. cutest project ever, i LOVE it!! And the new header, too?! i love it ... wow, you've been so busy over here ... i'm envious, i feel like i'm flatlining on projects lately!

    btw, that orange flowery tape you used to fix the cards to the garland string did not go unnoticed - it's adorable, what is it?!

  9. yes, yes, yes, I will start one with my family. Thanks for the wonderful idea. Your mantle is beautiful, by the way. I adore the mirror and the wreath. So homey and lovely. For sure, starting tomorrow!

  10. This is on my to do list for tomorrow! Thank you for the reminder to be thankful and show it!

  11. Thanks for liking my little idea...if you give it a try, can't wait to see how yours turn out!:)

    Thanks Kerri!!! Very thankful for you too and all my bloggy friends!!

    Sloan, isn't that tape the cutest!!! It came in a pack of about 4 small rolls on the holiday $1 section at Michaels. They had a few different ones....I should have bought more!!:)

    Enjoy the day friends:)

  12. I love your new header as well. I am very thankful for blog friends, especially ones like you! I've met some amazing women here. I love your mantle idea. So cute and I'm so glad your family is loving it. I have so much to be thankful for, and even when I am grumpy and crabby, I know my blessings outweigh my problems.

    You are a blessing to me and to a lot of people. More people need to stop and remember what they are thankful for in their lives, rather than what they need/want. The world would be a little more happy and peaceful with more people like you in it! :))

  13. Love this idea! It's late in the month to start, but knowing my girls it would probably be enough time. lol!