{Weekend Glimpses}

Hi friends
happy Monday to you
so how was your weekend?
ours was a wonderful mix of both...my favorite kind

we have a wonderful park in the front of our neighborhood
it was really just a big open field
until Saturday
the neighborhood and community came out to install the playground equipment
it's really quite amazing
wish I could have gotten some pictures of the job in progress
but it was 19 that morning
yes 19!!!!
the girls and I waved hello as we drove by on our way to Panera
we are bad aren't we!!!:)

Dave rented a carpet cleaning machine
can I just say YUCK!
think your floors are clean?
rent one of those
i love it when I can really see the dirt that is leaving my home
we {I mean Dave} did the carpets
the sofa and my van
must be true love I think

Riley and I went for a little date in the afternoon
we shopped for Dave's b-day and
some winter clothes and jammies for Aubrey
we got these
Gap jammies are my absolute favorite
we squeezed in a pretzel and lots of chit chat
loved every minute of it

for dinner we had this
image from Pioneer Woman

of course Dave doctored it up a bit
like any awesome chef does
he pureed his sauce
it totally rocked

cinnamon rolls for breakfast
nothin' fancy
just good ol' bad for you Pillsbury
but they sure were yummy

Janey and I had a bit of alone time in the afternoon
Riley was at a Brownie function and
Aubrey was napping
we finished up Dave's b-day shopping
browsed Borders
{I love to go to the book store
copy down the names of all the great new children's books
and then order them from the library :)}
browsed Michael's
{I love their $1 Christmas section}
and then stopped by Panera for a cookie and some good conversation
it was nice

ready for Christmas shopping??
I'm not quite ready yet
but I have a pretty good To-Do List in the works
the traffic and the mall was crazy this weekend
you would have thought it was December 1st already
I don't like traffic
or crowds actually
looks like Aubrey and I will be doing all of our shopping
bright and early

for dinner Dave made these
image from link

they were awesome too
of course!

I am determined to get back to my walking and workouts this week
it seems like a series of things have been keeping me away
Dave out of town...company...Dave out of town again...a cold...
but today is the day
I began
it was great and
I WILL be on that treadmill tomorrow too

oh and the Halloween candy...it's outta here!!!!!

Hope your weekend was filled with the right mix of work and play!
Enjoy the day,


  1. I tried that Chicken Cac. recently too. We loved it!!

    I've decided the same about all of our candy too. . .we need a break from sugar before the Holidays hit!

  2. Geez, those meals alone make it look like the perfect weekend!! I need to make my Christmas to-do list too ... hard to believe it's time, but we also found ourselves out near the mall and it was the same story as yours - crazy crowded!! So, yes, it's time!!

  3. Those recipes look awesome...who needs to go out for a nice meal when you have Dave cooking fancy shmancy recipes! You're so lucky!
    I need to check out this Pioneer Woman I keep hearing about!
    Looks like you guys had a fun weekend! How come weekends go so fast?!

  4. sounds like a great weekend cindy! i am determined to get back onto a regular walking schedule this week but it's tough because it's getting a little cold now...brrrr! but i will do it! happy monday!

  5. I'm with you on that Halloween candy - yikes! You are one luck lady to have that sweet hubby making all that yummy food! Your post made me hungry!

  6. Man, I think I need Dave to come on over here! Your dinners look YUM!! And you can never have too much Panera Bread :)

  7. looks like lots of fun. hope you manage to stay warm with those chilly temperatures.

  8. I do the same thing at the bookstore!

    I think this weekend is a perfect example of what a great job you do balancing routine and enjoying the moments! Sounds like some very special time with your girls!

  9. Gosh Cindy, I'd like to borrow your husband for a while to cook for me! :) Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I just thought it was cold here. Wow. You guys were really cold!

  10. does Dave do all of the cooking? Or just on the weekends? What a gem!!

  11. Oh, that dinner looks soooo good! But the cinn rolls sound soooo good! Glad you enjoyed your weekend!

  12. Dinners look amazing! Are those fish tacos? Those are a major specialty at our house. We'll have to have you over sometime to try ours. :)

  13. Dave needs a recipe blog!
    The playground equipment will be great to have nearby I'm sure! Neat!

  14. Hi Cindy!
    So much to comment on...
    19 degrees!! Buurrrrrr. We have a park right down the street within our gated community too and it is right now just a grassy field. Still waiting for that play equipment, but we love to just go there and let the kids run around. I bet your kids will love that.

    Carpet cleaning... it is yuck. My Mom has one and last time we borrowed it I was SO grossed out by all the stuff that comes out. UGH UGH UGH.

    Your PW dinner looked DELISH!!

    Sounds like a great weekend.
    I love being productive, and then relaxing too. :)

  15. oh, and I forgot to say, I've been so wanting to rent a carpet cleaning machine, but afraid of what I'd pull up. I'm motivated now, i'm going to look into it!

  16. oh, and I forgot to say, I've been so wanting to rent a carpet cleaning machine, but afraid of what I'd pull up. I'm motivated now, i'm going to look into it!