{Hope You Like SNOW!}

what a weekend we had!!!
snow, snow, and more snow was the major theme
this was our first big snow of the year and we got quite a bit
the girls loved every minute of it

after making a quick dash to Target saturday morning
to get bigger boots (ooops!)
the girls hit the sled hill with Dave
sadly we forgot to put the memory card back in the camera
so we missed all those shots....but not to worry...
they went sledding again on sunday

after lunch the girls and I headed to a park near by
they were having ornament making and holiday crafts
{it appears that indoor shots are always the hardest....how to get that lighting right, and not use a flash}

the scenery at the park is so beautiful and
well....I have a new camera
so I dragged them outside

there is something so magical about freshly fallen snow
this FL girl has only lived here 6 years 
but i never tire of that feeling
a blanket over everything
that is really the only way i can describe it

i just love snow covered trees

i need to learn how to take this shot before winter is over
it is so beautiful
all the wintery goodness through the windows of the covered bridge
Janey was afraid to jump up on the railing
she said she needs daddy's arms around her...ahhhhh...

you would thihk these two would have had enough of the white stuff
but after we got home they headed out into the backyard
for some more fun

Aubrey and I have the right idea
we are warm and dry

can you tell the sun is going down

I tried to get Aubrey to play in that little bit of snow on the step
she wanted nothing to do with it

we had to drag them in because the sun was going down
I think they would have played in the moonlight 
if we had let them

It was a cold, snowy but super fun Saturday
Hope your Saturday was super fun too!
Enjoy the day,


  1. Wow...you guys got a LOT of snow! We still haven't got any.
    You took some really great pictures! I love the ones of Aubrey looking at the window, so cute!

    LOVE new header!!

  2. love your new header and looks like you're enjoying that new camera! pictures are wonderful and I am jealous of your snow..we live in New England..you'd think we'd have some already!!

  3. looks like a fun snowy weekend. love the peacefulness of the snow covered tree and bridge

  4. Love the header. That new camera is taking great pics!
    My favorite is Aubrey looking out the window at her sisters. There is nothing better in the world than siblings. Nothing.

  5. We love love snow like that too! You are getting great pictures with your new camera!! it takes a while to figure it all out... and with little ones... and snow... even longer! ha ha! is that the famous bridge from the movies? Love the ones of Aubrey looking outside with her little hands on the window! ps my haircut kinda looks like yours ... he he!

  6. Wow! How beautiful and how fun! I bet your girls had a blast out there. Stay warm today. Love your new header. So pretty.

  7. OK, soooo much to comment about - the new header looks fabulous and omg the photos with the new camera make a huge difference, what GREAT photos!! You reminded me that we will also be stuck with too-small boots when our first snow comes ... I'd better get jumping ;-) LOVED all of the photos, don't stop!!

  8. my favorite picture is the one of Aubrey looking out the window at her sisters shoveling the snow. Your pictures are wonderful!

  9. Wow! Great pictures and alot of snow!! looks like they were having a great time! your header looks great!

  10. It looks like you guys got way more snow than we did. .. there is something so exciting about the first snowfall and if it is going to be cold and today it is soooo cold, there should be snow!

    i love the photos of the girls in their bright coats hugging!

  11. Love the pictures. They are all so great! You got a TON of snow. No fair. Your new header is great too. Your girls are adorable and I love all of their smiling faces!

  12. Wow...you did get a lot of snow. I'm surprised Aubrey didn't want to play in it. Snow is quiet...not even birds make a sound. Great pics...

  13. Love your new header! I'm so jealous of your snow. I agree that inside shots are definitely the hardest. We'll just have to figure it out together.

  14. Oh beautiful, beautiful snow! I am jealous! Amazing what the new camera can do huh? The pics are looking amazing!