{Technical Difficulties}

Hi friends!
I hope your Christmas was filled with many, many blessings.
We had a very merry one that's for sure.
As I attempted to upload photos Christmas Eve, I thought I was having a memory card problem but after trying again with a new card I think our problem goes a bit further!! Sloan...is your hubby available??:) If not, I think we have to un-plug and get this baby to the repair shop.  

Perfect timing I guess...we are heading to Chicago tomorrow for an early birthday trip for Janey.  Hopefully the powers that be at Best Buy can work their magic while we are away and all will be right with the world when we return!  Fingers crossed...

Enjoy the day,


  1. Hi Cindy! Glad to hear you had a wonderful Christmas! Have fun in Chicago! Hope your computer gets fixed quickly!

    (That picture was taken last Christmas!) Oh, and we got about 2 inches of snow yesterday! Finally!

  2. Oh gosh, computer and camera issues make me nervous! I hope you get yours fixed soon. I'm glad to hear your Christmas was good. I want to go to Chicago with you! I have never been. Kevin has family that live right outside, in Crystal Lake and several other spots. We keep saying we need to get up there but we just haven't yet.

    Have a great week!

  3. Hi Cindy! Merry Christmas!

    Oh no, I hope your computer issues are fixed quickly!!

    Do you guys live near Chicago? I've never been to the city (I've been near) and I'd love to visit someday. Have fun!

  4. Hope everything gets fixed soon!
    Have a great time in Chicago and safe travels!

  5. Yikes! Computer issues are the worst! Hope you get it figured out SOON. Enjoy Chicago! What a fun city.

  6. Hope your computer gets fixed soon! I keep meaning to have my help desk (aka hubby) ...back mine up ... just in case... our whole year is on my laptop!!

    Have a great time in Chicago!!

  7. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year friend!! hope things are fixed soon!!

  8. Enjoy your trip to Chicago. I was chuckling over the Santa post with the look on Aubrey's face. Too cute. Hopefully all is well when you get back,
    Take care,

  9. Popping in to wish you a Happy New Year! Hope you're back up and running SOON!

  10. Stopping back by to say Happy New Year. I hope you all had fun in Chicago! :)

  11. Hi Cindy! We miss you! Hope your computer is fixed so we can hear about your holiday and your trip!

    My header is still not the size I would like...and I can't figure out how to get that background (two different ones!)....maybe I'll get it figured out this year! It's scary to me to mess with the margins!

  12. Well, hey there, stranger!! I've been totally and completely unplugged for the last 9 days and am only just today plugging back in and getting caught up in blogland ... thanks for the shout out for my dear manbug the computer whisperer, but it sounds as though this may be a case for higher powers - he's just an Apple whisperer, PC's are just way too complicated :-( Hope it gets resolved soon, I've missed you!!

    Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family, Cindy!!