After taking a few great photos at home we headed to the mall for our annual Christmas portrait and Santa visit.
We have been taking a professional picture of the girls every Christmas ever since Riley was born.
We always get the mega package deal where you get like a gazillion pictures for $9.99.
It was quick and easy.
In and out and on our way.
On our way to see Santa that is.
This is a very important part of this holiday tradition.
They're already dressed up after all so why not.

We had seen Santa several times at the mall already this year.
We did the walk by and the wave, but I was really curious about what Aubrey would think.

I think it helped having big sisters there to help.
{Unless your big sisters were on the phone calling the North Pole that is!:)}

not looking so sure....

I'm outta here...

let's try one more time

back for one more look
I really wish I could have seen it from Santa's point of view!

nothing like that candy cane from Santa

I think I took about 50 pictures of them walking through the mall
Dave was so embarrassed
not really ...
but a little maybe
I even went inside the stores trying to get a cool window shopping shot
didn't quite work like I had imagined
see Dave over there pushing the stroller
trying to pretend he doesn't know me??!!:)

We had dinner in the food court
and then ended our mall adventure on the carousel
of course

this was a big night for Aubrey
first carousel ride

I think she loved it

ended this perfect evening on the sofa with these two little sweeties 
 the big sweetie behind the camera
a little sweetie sleeping soundly in her bed
and a big bowl of popcorn.


  1. OMG what GREAT pictures. I love that one of Aubrey and Santa looking at each other. You've got frame that one. I also love the one of you and your two big girls on the sofa. What a perfect evening.

  2. What a super fun evening! I didn't know pictures at the mall could look so awesome! You took some gorgeous pictures Cindy! My two favorites are also the same ones Traci picked!

    Have a great day!!

  3. BEST NIGHT EVER!!! Seriously, that sounds like the greatest night - I couldn't dream up anything I'd want more, all the way from Santa to the late night popcorn ... loved every minute!!

    I especially love the photo on the carousel where the girls are holding hands and you can see the motion all around them ... very cool!

    Merry Christmas to you all, Cindy!!

  4. i love the little ones with Santa. . .too fun!

    Have a Merry Christms, Cindy!

  5. This is a wonderful post! Love the pictures! That Santa area was very nicely done! Have a wonderful holiday!!!

  6. LOVE these. Love that you took so many pictures at the mall. My husband and your husband could have "hid" together. Kevin would have been so embarrassed. ha. He loves that I take so many pictures, but at the same time he does wonder why the camera is always around my neck. haha.

    I totally wish I could see Aubrey's face too, where she is looking at Santa. That is precious!

    And you are so right, candy canes from Santa just taste so much better. Why is that?!

    Merry Christmas!

  7. How adorable! All of those are great pictures. But, I absolutely LOVE the picture of Aubrey standing in front of Santa all by herself looking up at him. That could totally be a card!

    Oh, and the picture of you snuggled on the couch with your two big girls made me tear up a little. What a perfect ending to the day.

  8. What a fun (BIG) day. My girlfriend tried to do the same thing, take pictures of her kids as they were walking up to see Santa one year and the mall security came out and told her it was private property and she was not allowed to take pictures there. She told them that she was still going to purchase a package and they wouldn't listen. They stood over her and made her delete every single shot.

    Can you believe that? So I've been afraid to attempt this ever since.

    What a great way to end your day.

    Merry Christmas.

  9. so cute Cindy! those are some priceless pictures. and you are ending your day my most favorite way to end it, snuggled on the couch with the kids watching a movie!

  10. I love all the pics, but the last one is my favorite! Wishing you guys the very merriest Christmas!

  11. great pictures and what a fantastic santa, too bad she didn't agree to sit with him, maybe next year?

  12. award winning pictures. Especially the one with Aubrey's back staring straight up to Santa. You'll treasure that one forever. Love your daughters skirts. Merry Christmas.

  13. hehe...welcome to the world of crazy momtog! We went to a party on Sat night and BSD says, "You're not bringing your big camera, ARE you?!" I mumbled back, "I guess not."

    LOVE that motion blur pic on the carousel! And the one of Aubrey looking up at Santa really is priceless. Of course I also love the last one. All you need to do now is set the self timer and add Dave to the pic and you've got a "monthly family photo."

    Merry Christmas, Cindy!

  14. hi... remember me?? sheesh!! whew... time to breathe and blog again!! ;)

    I love LOVE this little story line and photo session!! our kiddos never loved the santa thing... and now they are both in on the secret... that magical world is over! I love the picture at the end of the day too! great mommy daughter shot!

  15. Wow...I really see Riley in Aubrey on the "I'm outta here" Santa Picture. It is the first time I have really seen the resemblence!

  16. I love the picture of Riley and Janey in front of the Tree in their black and red plaid! Beautiful Girls!