{More Fun}

Remember all the fun I had with my camera a few days ago?
Well, it continued when the big girls got home too.
We took a lot of picture.
I mean a lot....

I think holding that smile for so long was starting to effect their brains....
finally decided on a few 
and here is our Christmas card this year.....
drum roll please.....
We got them at Sams.
They were a pretty good deal.
Only $27 for 100!
It actually cost me more for the stamps then the cards!

I would love to do what Sloan did someday and take a walk down 
but...well...I'm feeling a bit too lazy to dig them all up...:)
but here is the one from last year at least!

What a difference a year makes huh?

I must say it feels good to have the cards in the mail!
We are down to the fun stuff now...making cookies, decorating ornaments, remembering the real meaning of Christmas and just being together.  I must say, that after last weeks whirlwind Friday it feels like I have been away forever. But with Dave and the girls both on vacation, all I want to do is be with them and soak up every little thing this magical time of year has to offer. 

I hope you are soaking it all up too.
Every single minute of it...
Enjoy the day,


  1. oh, that little one of yours cracks me up, either she "hams"
    it up for the camera or life with her is one long laugh!

    You did great on the pictures, love the card!

  2. Thanks for the card Cindy...so so CUTE!! We are very much soaking it up here too! Thursday is Brady's last day of school...can you believe it?! Ridiculous! Anyway, after I do his class party tomorrow...I will be able to let out a big sigh of relief! I will be done...and able to enjoy some family time!
    Happy Christmas week Cindy!

  3. very cute pictures. I love the card it came out perfectly. And yes 1 year makes a HUGE difference!

  4. Hi Cindy and thanks for the shout out ;-)

    I LOVE YOUR CARD!!! Can't believe the incredible bargain you got too - makes it even better! And, yes, what a difference a year makes - especially for little Aubrey!!

    Really really love the card - the design, the photos, the wording ... it's just beautiful!!

    Merry Christmas indeed!!

  5. Love your card. So pretty. Yes, you did get a bargain on them. So many of my friend's used Sam's or Costco for cards this year. I need to check into that next year. Love all of your pictures. The 2nd one down is great, all of their faces look so cute!

    Merry Christmas to all of you. I'm so glad to call you a friend! :)

  6. Beautiful pictures on your card! That baby is adorable! Looks like you sure have your new camera figured out. I've got to remember to take more than just at events. Have a wonderful week!

  7. Your card looks great! I like the portraits you got of your cuties. The background is nice and blurred. Looks so pretty.

    Enjoy your time off with your family. We don't get out until tomorrow!