{A Bunch of Random and a Confession}

Hello friends
Happy Friday to you!
This day is finally here...I'm ready for it...and I'm so happy!

Today is party day.
I'm in charge of both classroom parties and what seems like hours of work and thought are packed up neatly in two little bags on the table, ready to go and it feels great.
Teacher gifts are wrapped and ready to deliver and Christmas cards are sealed and ready for Mr. Postman.
Can I hear a woo hoo!:)
Today is also the girls last day of school so vacation is near and the best part is, Dave will be on vacation too!
Ahhh...I can already feel the stress melting away....

So on to the random and the confession.
Let's start with the confession...
Remember that great check off routine system i had in place?
Well, it's no longer!
I should have known myself better then that I guess.  I have never been good at those things, even in the classroom.  I look at it as just one more thing to keep track of and who needs that?  I think it served it's purpose, it brought our attention to the many things that need to be done to keep our home running smoothly, and it served as a visual reminder (I still have a smaller non-checking version on the girls bathroom mirror).  In all honestly, the routines are getting done and there is little complaining, so maybe it worked better then I thought it did.:)  It just seemed like the sweetie that didn't need it was the one who always remembered to check it off and the one who did need it...well you can figure that out.:)  I'm sure the need to revisit the area of routines and responsibilities will rear it's ugly head many times and when it does, we'll be ready.

Now for the random...
A few weeks ago before our big snow fall, we got a little dusting.
The girls thought it would be fun to run to the corner before school and let me pick them up like a school bus. Is that crazy or what??? Made me laugh.  Who wants to stand on the corner freezing??

Since I had the camera with me I decided to take a picture of them at drop off.  It's funny how you never take a picture of the things you do every. single. day.  But really, those are memories and some of them are oh so sweet and I don't want to forget them.

Janey always turns to wave goodbye and looks back as she walks up the sidewalk for me to yell one more time from the window..."Goodbye Janey...I love you"

Aubrey in her jammies, 
eating a pretzel, 
waiting to give her goodbye waves.

Riley hops out
sees some friends 
and she's off.
I have to get all my "goodbyes and  love yous" in the car.
If she walks in alone I do get a secret smile and wave from the top of those stairs.
Third grade will do that to a girl I guess
She was the same as Janey just two short years ago...

Janey's class has been studying Holidays Around the World.  We had to make a collage of our family's traditions and customs.  She was so very proud of that thing and worked so hard on it.  That little sweetie has a very strong work ethic.  She gives her all to everything. She has passion. I love that.

Riley drew this picture of us a few weeks ago.
She drew us all with a passion.

I'm decorating with a Christmas ornament
Daddy has his University of Miami football shirt on
Riley has a soccer ball
Janey is singing
and Aubrey has Elmo.
Notice all the girls are wearing peace shirts?
love it

Janey had her first grade Holiday Show on Tuesday.
To say she was excited was a huge under statement.
She talked about it for weeks.
Kept all the songs a secret and was literally busting at the seams as we walked through the high school parking lot. 
I loved watching her scan the crowd for us.
She told us just where to sit so we could see her the best.
She kept yawning and looked very sleepy on the top step of those risers...late night for her I guess.:)

it was a great night 
way to go Janey!

More snow fell again yesterday.
It was so beautiful to wake up to that blanket of white.
It's especially beautiful when you see it freshly fallen
before any foot prints have touched it.
The girls loved it.
Dave and Janey worked hard.

Riley made a snowman

So there you have it
A post filled with a whole lotta random.

Hope you have a fantastic Friday!
Enjoy the day,


  1. Enjoy your week off before Christmas! Our kids still have school through Wednesday, so we have a short break this year.

    How great that they wanted to wait for the bus! You always want what you don't have right?

  2. oh my goodness, cindy, please tell me you're going to frame that sweet family photo, I love that!!

    I keep wanting to take pictures of the "everyday" too ... I love the ones you posted here of your morning school routine, so sweet!!

  3. hope the kids have a great break from school. sounds like they truly enjoy spending time together

  4. Cindy, I got a little teary eyed reading about how your oldest does not turn around for that second wave and I love you at the school anymore... oh they really do grow up too fast huh. That is so sweet that you captured your younger daughter waving at you. That right there is why I am so thnakful that I blog and take pictures more now. To capture thsoe everyday priceless moments that we one day just can't get back.

    Stay warm my friend. It looks so chilly in your neck of the woods!
    Today it is in the 50's and raining, and last Sunday it was 85 and we were wearing tank tops and flip flops again! Crazy.

  5. You're so right about the everyday things we forget to capture with our camera. I love the family picture. It's a keeper! So jealous of your snow. Just TONS of rain in our neck of the woods :) Have a great weekend.

  6. Your snow looks so pretty!

    I love that they wanted to pretend like you were picking them up on the bus. Too funny.

    You definitely have to frame that family portrait. It is priceless.

    I have a confession too...I made a cleaning schedule a while back. I stuck with it for one week. :)

  7. Cindy,
    I can relate so much to the list and how it just becomes another thing you have to keep track of. I'm always so envious of organized list people. But I too, am definitely not one of them. Loved that the girls wanted to be picked up like a school bus. I'm having a link up this Monday for anyone who wants to share how they are finding the "Joy" this Christmas. A picture, story, old or new...anything really. I'd love to have you join us. Also loved your daughters photo of the family. She's got some talent!

  8. Great snowman! I am with you on the check off system! We tried it too, but scrapped it after a few months. You are right - just one more thing to manage!

  9. I love these everyday moments too!
    Such memories to treasure. Great pictures :-) Have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!!

  10. Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

    - Daniel