{Trimming the Tree and Decking the Halls}

This post is a bit overdue don't ya think?
Other big events like first snow, sledding and half birthdays kept pushing it to the wayside.
But we do have a tree and our halls are as decked as they will be, so here we go.....

If the girls could have their way, we would be dragging up the tree while I was cleaning up the Thanksgiving turkey and wrapping up the pumpkin pie. Usually I agree...but this year with a toddler in the house we decided on a more calm approach.  We at least waited till the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  Besides, it was the day my parents left town, so it was a good distraction.

Trimming the tree is always a jumble of red and green, ribbons and cranberries, and a load of memories too.  Looking through all  the homemade ornaments is the best...we seem to forget about each one of them throughout the year and I just love the "remember whens".

Some of our favorite ornaments are
anything homemade
pictures are a bonus
handmade angels from Mimi
 "baby ornaments"...the girls love hanging them together

This was Aubrey's first real experience with tree trimming and she was a bit fascinated with it all.
She poured over every ornament like it was a lost treasure.  I loved her expression when she would find one with the girls picture in it and make that surprised connection!

Putting the star on top is a very big deal in our house.  This year Janey decided she wanted the star brought in on a pillow like the ring at a wedding....it was a very ceremonious occasion.

So...here is our tree...in all it's glory...
before the toddler got to it the next morning.

Now it's bare from about three feet down...but still well loved.

We added a few Christmas touches throughout the house too.
My mom made all of the grandkids matching stockings
we just love them
Dave and I began collecting this Department 56 New England Village right after we got married.

I hang this Snowman quilt (made by my mom) on the wall in our living room

basement holiday fun
Dave bought me that snowman tree topper the year before we got married
{you can see a bit of what I have been up to on the walls down here.....still a work in progress}

counting the days till Christmas...
Aubrey plays with the felt one all the time, so it's never quite accurate:)
we keep the wooden one up in the girls bathroom
my mom and dad actually made that for us years ago
I love it too!! 
One of my goals next year is to have an advent "thing" to put notes and treats in.  I just love that idea.

So there you have it...
Our home in all it's Christmas Glory.

Hope your Tuesday was terrific,
Enjoy the day,


  1. Cindy it all looks so good! I love the snow outside in the background of your tree, and I LOVE your basement! That's one thing houses rarely have here in California.

  2. Your tree is so pretty! Love the collages and the girls' pajamas! I also love that many of your decorations have special meaning to you. Sometimes when I am admiring all the holiday decor in blogland...I remind myself that "our" decorations are special to us and to not lose sight of that. It's hard though...cause some people are awesome decorators!

  3. I love seeing everyone's decorations. Yours are so full of memories....I love it.

  4. Your decorations are all so pretty. I loved seeing all of them. I have fretted over my tree for years. I see all of these trees where everything is one color and it all matches, but I know in my world that doesn't work. I love our tree because Boyd loves it and it has memories just like yours. Yours is GORGEOUS!

    I love the quilt your mom made, and the tree your parents made to countdown Christmas.

    Wonderful post!

  5. the house looks great and I love the very personal touches you have everywhere

  6. Your house looks great! I never did get all my stuff out, and now I lost my momentum! I love the board & batten in the basement! And the girls pj's are too cute!

  7. Oh My Goodness, Aubrey's face checking out the ornaments is adorable!! I love all of the cranberries and red, looks like you guys are making some good memories. You know, I read somewhere (on a blog) that each kid gets their own box with "their" ornaments to unpack. I thought this was a great idea.
    Your house looks lovely!

  8. Great picturs and your tree is beautiful! The polaroid look really brought back some memories, lol. hope you have a great night!

  9. wow!! your house is beautiful!!! love the handmade reindeer ornament...we have that one too and its my fav!! so funny..our tree has all the decorations on the bottom branches from my kiddos doing all the trimming!! i love your basement too!!! and the advent tree is great!!! love this post!!